It is very interesting to watch this series in the first 2 episodes where Hon Siu Lung went back in time to the Warring States Period, like really BC back in time. Because we were like him, a bit shocked at their way of life, costumes, weapons, and the best of all, that they had no chopsticks, no spoons, no forks and they all ate with their bare hands. It is even more interesting to note that they way they ate with their hands were a bit too unrealistic, a bit fake if I may say so because people don't eat like that. Not that way for as far as I know. And I was intrigued. In my mind, I had to find out when were chopsticks invented, because it is a very important question. If chopsticks were invented before the time period in this series, certainly we have been duped. If it was invented after this time period, then logically they would all eat with their hands, though I would believe they would use a knife as a fork. Which leads to a more important question; did they have knives then? I would say YES. That would be in another page for more discussion. 

So, when were chopsticks invented? The most ingenious kitchen utensils in my opinion because with a pair of chopsticks, you can reach a food that you want eventhough it was far away from where you were sitting? A rather important tool when you're eating with 9 other people in a wedding dinner, specifically Chinese wedding dinner. Let us not dispute the hygiene of this situation, just when was it invented?

Interesting because I have searched and searched and I have found many answers, all dated way before the time period in this series which could only mean one time; they had chopsticks when Hon Siu Lung went back in time and the thing about using hands to eat, not real at all. Let's see who claimed credit to chopsticks...

"Confucius is credited with the invention of chopsticks. He is said to have dictated that food be cut up in kitchens and not at the table. Confucius thought knives at the table were an insensitive reminder of the animals that had been slaughtered. The proper table utensils were pairs of sticks, similar to those used for centuries to stir and lift ingredients cooking in pots over open fires. " -

Please take note that Confucius lived from 551BC-479BC.

"One of the cruelest Kings in the history of China, Zhou and his queen DaJi were known for their novelties of torture and for the invention of chopsticks."

Please take note that Zhou is the same Zhou and Daji is the same Than Gei as in the series Gods Of Honour and Shang Dynasty was founded on around 1600BC and fell around 1100BC.

There are more but I can't list them all in here, just take note that all were Chinese and all lived before the period in this series, and when is that period?  Very difficult to say, because YingZheng was 13 when he became Emperor of Qin and he was about 24 when he took over the reign completely at around 233BC. It depends on when the series is set in, but I would assume as said in the series, 3 years before he became King and so assuming they were talking about when he was 13 when he became King (though in this series Yingzheng is much older), I would assume this series was set in 244BC or somewhere near there. In just means one thing; THERE WERE CHOPSTICKS THEN!!! I refuse to believe that they had steel or pewter cups or whatever you call those things and they used their hands to eat? That period wasn't as primitive as we think it was because Confucius was already dead by then.