Without a Shih Huang Ti, we might have another Shih Huang Ti years later but the truth is for all his ruthlessness, I believed when he was young he was a gifted ruler, a far sighted Emperor who unfortunately in his older years fell into the trap of greed, fear and his own ego. I respect his genius, and yet I feel ashamed for what he did. The construction of the Great Wall was essential and so deaths were inevitable. It did helped to fend off the Huns and many more enemies, highlighted the great engineering and architectural minds of the olden days Chinese (I mean thousands of years and the wall is still here!), gave us such a colourful story to pass onto our children and our children to their children and the best of all, he definitely united China in the sense of language, measurements, and everything else which was essential, even in today's world. So he might have been crazy in his later years, listened to the wrong people. But i believe that even his burying of the scholars were in a way something I might have done if I was him, if I have the guts to do it. Criticisms and articles about his incompetence or his ruthlessness will definitely cripple his growing empire and so what to do? Kill off the enemy within. But why bury them? It was a cruel punishment. And the worst had to be the burning of all the literatures, lost and can never be found except for some brave souls who hid the texts. Nobody is perfect, and in Shih Huang Ti's case, he was far from perfect. But we all have to admit this much; he was a brilliant ruler, however ruthless he might have been.

I sincerely hope TVB gives this man some credit by highlighting his greatness, show us his meanness but spare us the crying, the wailings and the women in his life. A man that ruthless definitely has little opinion about love and family.