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Please take note that some spellings for the name may not tally with the spellings in the cast list but they're the same characters.

Comments in brown backgrounds are actually the real scenes contained in the actual series, which if you read some more will reveal the wide differences between TVB's summaries and the actual TVB end-product (series). All plots and endings, spoilers and additional info will be added in here, episode per episode.

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Hong Siu Lung and the other G4 Special Police are responsible for the public security for the exhibition of the terracotta warriors from the Chun dynasty. His colleague Ying Jai Keung discovers that one of the terracotta figures resembles Siu Long. He and his colleagues gamble on whether he can succeed in making peace and going on a date with his girlfriend, Chun Ching but she ignores him. Wealthy merchant Lei Siu Chiu cuts the tape for the opening of the exhibition and a lunatic named Mak Wai Gin enters under the disguise of a reporter. He holds Siu Chiu and Chun Ching captive, his whole body a bomb. Luckily, Siu Lung subdues the lunatic with his resourcefulness. Chun Ching and Siu Lung arrange to meet at Ocean Park. She blames him for avoiding marriage with her for seven years and gives him an ultimatum or else she marries Peter Wong in a month. Siu Lung feels distressed. Siu Chiu admires Siu Lung's quick-wittedness and agile abilities, and suggests to Doctor Wu Yau that he should join the time machine experiment but Siu Lung declines. He proposes to Chun Ching but she had gone to Prague to get married. To let time stop so he could get back Chun Ching's heart, he agrees to work with Siu Chiu and use the time machine to return to the Chun dynasty. When he wakes up, he discovers a large group of Jiu country army forces appear in front of him and is stunned.
Comment :some scenes as described in the above summary is not those you will see in the actual episode one, such as;

1.Chun Ching actually parted ways with Siu Lung at the Ocean Park, telling him quite honestly that she was marrying a Peter Wong. There was no ultimatum or anything though she obviously felt sad for leaving him.

2.There was no such scene showing Siu Chiu's admiration of Siu Lung's abilities, but rather he was approached by the Dr Wu to join the team for 2 reasons; he was fit and most important of all, he resembled the terracotta warrior and they were convinced he went back in time, which will happen in near future as they found the small time machine device near the statue.


While the assassin Sin Yau was having a life and death battle with "his" enemies, Siu Lung fell from the sky and saves "his" life. He knows that he is in the Jiu state from the time of the Warring States and asks Sin Yau to take him to the Chun city of Ham Yeung so that he can use the communications equipment to return to the future. Sin Yau asks him to give "him" remuneration or to give "him" a rainbow. Siu Lung uses his cleverness and gives "him" one. "He" takes him to the Jiu city of Hon Dan and rests at a warrior guesthouse. In the evening, Siu Lung overhears Yim Ping secretly conspiring to kill Yuen Jung. The two are discovered and Sin Yau gets injured while trying to save Siu Lung. When Sin Yau is cleansing the wound, Siu Long discovers that "he" is actually a "she". Sin Yau tries to assassinate Yim Ping for the reward money but Siu Lung stops her. At this time, he sees an elderly man being bullied by a wandering swordsman and saves him. But Sin Yau perceives that the old man actually has out of the ordinary skills and infers that he's Yuen Jung. Yim Ping has a banquet and invites Yuen Jung. He planned to use poisoned wine to kill Yuen Jung but luckily Siu Lung and Sin Yau ruins his plans. Yuen Jung was actually the leader of the Mak Je Hang Wui and Yim Ping wanted to take the control of the group away from him. Sin Yau suggests to Siu Lung to ask Yuen Jung to teach him the Mak Ji Sword Skill and Yuen Jung agrees. When he was teaching the sword skill to Siu Lung, Yim Ping suddenly appears ... 
Comment : Yim Ping appeared all of a sudden because it was Sin Yau who told Yim Ping's assistant who was following her around the day before their whereabouts. Her reasons for asking Yuen Jung to teach Siu Lung kung fu and betraying Yuen Jung is simple; she wanted to delay Yuen Jung leaving Siu Lung so that she could ghet Yim Ping and Yuen Jung killing each other and borrow Yuen Jung's hands to kill Yin Ping for the reward money. And she wanted to steal the Mak Chi jade logo for her unknown master. Siu Lung didn't know all that.


Yuen Jung fights off Yim Ping to save Siu Lung but suffers a serious injury. Yim Ping is also injured and Sin Yau, taking advantage of this, kills him. She takes his head to receive the reward money. Before his death, Yuen Jung gives a wooden sword and Gam Ji Ling to Siu Lung and entrusts him to find a suitable successor. Siu Lung had discovered Sin Yau's scheme and furiously scolded her for forgetting about justice upon seeing money, thus killing Yuen Jung. He says that from now on they go on their separate ways. Siu Lung had only a few silk bags of money and had no techniques to make money from. In order to get to Hon Dan as quickly as possible, he had no choice but to earn money being a metalsmith. A pity that the wages were so miserably little. Ruefully, someone had paid for his meals, his room and gave a horse along with traveling expenses. Siu Lung realized that it was Sin Yau's doing. He meets Fui Wu and his group at the river bank and Fui Wu even helps him chase back his lost horse. Siu Lung sees Fui Wu and his group striking violently with someone at a road and valiantly saves his life. He also aids in capturing the general manager of the Wu family fort Tou Fong and the eldest daughter Wu Ting Fong. When he discovered that Fui Wu and his group were theives and employed to take away the Wo Si jade from the hands of the Wu family, he secretly cursed himself for his good intentions doing evil deeds. He then thought up a plan to help Tou Fong and the unconscious Ting Fong to escape from the mountain fortress. From Tou Fong, he finds out that the Wo Si jade was being used in exchange for the Chun hostage Ying Jing and promises to return to the fortress to retrieve the jade. When Ting Fong awakens, she doesn't believe that Siu Lung is a good man and loudly scolds him for being a sex fiend. Tou Fong had no choice but to ask her to go back to the Wu's to ask for reinforcements. Siu Lung secretly returns to the fortress and was alarmed to see Fui Wu's employer kill him after getting the jade. Tou Fong infers that this man must be the underling of the Jiu state's marquis Jiu Muk named Lin Jun. The two follow Lin Jun to a jade shop and see him kill an old artisan after he created a fake copy of the Wo Si jade. The two were dumbfounded at the spot. 


Siu Lung and Tou Fong suddenly understood that Lin Jun was using the way of 'stealing the dragon and switching the phoenix'to take the Wo Si jade for himself. Siu Lung used a scheme to switch the two jades and Tou Fong brought him back to the Wu family fort. Ting Fong, who had a favorable impression of Lin Jun, scolded Siu Lung for defaming him. Siu Lung pointed out that Jiu Muk was behind the stealing of the Wo Si jade and said that the exchange of the real and fake jades was for 'releasing a long wire to catch a big fish'. It could also save the Wu family from being blamed by the Jiu king. The leader of the fort, Wu Ying Yuen, was skeptical. 

Lin Jun gave the fake Wo Si jade to Jiu Muk. He was very happy because he thought that he could eradicate the Wu family and start a war between the Chun and Jiu states with this jade. We discover that Jiu Muk was actually secret agent sent by Chun San Gwan of the Cho state.

Siu Lung used a clever little scheme in front of the Jiu king to help the Wu family escape the blame. Jiu Muk secretly sighs that he gave up his wife and lost soldiers. Ying Yuen praised Siu Lung's clever scheme that was able to both save the Wu family and didn't harm the hostage Ying Jing but Ting Fong was angry. She questioned Lin Jun about the Wo Si jade but he sweet-talked his way out of the blame. 

Siu Lung saw Jiu Pun, the son of the king's sister Jiu Nga, trying to take advantage of a girl in a restaurant. He ended up giving a lesson to Jiu Pun and Ting Fong expressed admiration. 

Siu Lung followed Ying Yuen into the palace for a banquet and happened to meet a beautiful palace maid in the royal garden. That meeting left a deep impression on him. The palace maid was actually the princess Jiu Sin and was a good friend of Ting Fong. When she saw Ting Fong, Jiu Sin asked her about what she saw and heard on her trip to the Chun state.

During the banquet, Jiu Muk and Ying Yuen had an argument on whether to allow Ju Gei and her son Ying Jing to return to the Chun state. Jiu Muk then asked the king to allow Siu Lung and Lin Jun to compete in a sword fight in front of them. Siu Lung suggested that they try to fight without causing a drop of blood to fall, and Lin Jun, answering the challenge, moved his sword towards Siu Lung's head. 

Note : The Wo Si jade is believed by some to be a mythical item since it doesn't exist today. The legends say that this jade first appeared during the era of the three kingdoms where it caused the deaths of two people who thought it was only a common rock. Only later it was discovered that it was truly a splendid piece of jade did it earn the name 'wo si'. (Earlier it was only known as yuk pok) During the Warring States era, it fell into the hands of the king of the Jiu state. The king of the Chun state heard of this and offered 15 cities in exchange for the jade. It was believed to have disappeared during the war between the various states.

Comment : Lin Jun never really had to sweet talk his way when it comes to Ting Fong as indicated above. In fact Ting Fong, defying both logic and reason totally despised the despicable wolf, Siu Lung and totally trust Lin Jun though she did ask Lin Jun if he changed the jade which Lin Jun very frankly admitted yet but with a good reason which she deemed reasonable.

That first meeting with the Palace Maid who turned out to be Siu Sin the princess who was always looking for her lost rabbit did not really leave such a big impression on Siu Lung who was actually wandering around the palace's garden looking for the toilet. But Siu Sin was smitten by this cool looking stranger.


Relying on his courage, Siu Lung perilously wins over Lin Jun. Jiu Muk spoke in defense of Lin Jun and Ying Yuen proposes that they should wait until the day of the football match to find who is 'female and male'. 

Jiu Muk scolds Lin Jun for not seizing the opportunity to kill Siu Lung so they had to wait until the end of the football match to kill him. 

Ying Yuen sees that Siu Lung's skill at kicking the ball is excellent and asks him to train his family generals so that they can wash off the decaying feelings for the last three years. He treats Siu Lung like a distinguished guest, which leads Ting Fong and her elder brother Ting Wai to feel resentful. 

She tells Lin Jun to buy medicine to teach Siu Lung a lesson but he buys her poison. Ting Fong didn't know this, yet luckily she uses the "Tang Wan Ga Mou San" bought by her brother to deal with Siu Lung first. 

Siu Lung, believing that he was going to die soon, decides to save Ju Gei and her son as quickly as possible. He proceeds to explore the Jat Ji Fu in the evening and meets Tou Fong, who is also there to save Ying Jing. 

Siu Lung calls himself a secret agent sent by the prime minister of the Chun state, Lui Bat Wai. Ying Yuen partly believes it but is also suspicious. Siu Lung chooses the elite family generals to, in name, train them in playing soccer. In actuality, he is training them to help save Ying Jung.

Ting Fong again puts in 'poison' in Siu Lung's food and drink. By accident, it falls over and a dog starts eating it. The dog dies from the 'poison' and Ting Fong's face loses its color. She asks Lin Jun about the 'poison' but he sweet talks his way out of the blame. 

Siu Lung wants to choose the elite out of the elite. Ting Fong and Ting Wai also want to join the training group, so Siu Lung makes a bet with Ting Fong. 

Jiu Muk tries to get Siu Lung to join forces with him, which makes Lin Jun resentful.

Ting Fong goes in the royal palace to visit Jiu Sin. She tells her about all the faults that Siu Lung has. 

Ting Fong wants to win the bet with Siu Lung so she starts to train herself vigorously. She even has no interest in practicing swordplay with Lin Jun, which makes him upset. After a period of hard practice, she accepts Siu Lung's evaluation with a lot of self confidence. 
Comment : Siu Lung won the first competition between himself and Lin Jun out of sheer luck. He proposed that both put an apple on top of their heads and whoever avoids the sword meant to cut the apple into two, that person will be the loser. Siu Lung didn't move one bit eventhough Lin Jun had the murderous look on him, and indeed, Lin Jun wanted to kill him but thought that moment was not right. When it was Siu Lung's turn, Lin Jun had a sudden fear that Siu Lung will aim for Lin Jun's head instead of the apple on the top of his head and so Lin Jun avoided the sword and he lost.

When Ting Fong told Siu Sin about Siu Lung whom Siu Sin actually met earlier, Tin Fong never once mentioned Siu Lung's name and so Siu Sin never knew later on that the man Ting Fong hated and loved was the same Siu Lung that Siu Sin herself loved.


Ting Fong finally succeeds in passing the test and she wants Siu Lung to keep his promise to jump off a cliff. Siu Lung really does it and Ting Fong is scared speechless. 

Jiu Sin hears Ting Fong change the name 'sex fiend' to 'old man'. She teases her about liking that 'old man'.

While teaching Ting Fong on sword skills, Lin Jun notices that she's thinking about Siu Lung and feels upset. 

Siu Lung uses modern soccer techniques in teaching the group. Ting Fong and Ting Wai are suspicious. In the evening, he explains to the group (minus Ting Fong and Ting Wai, of course) about how to attack the Jat Ji Fu to save Ying Jing.

On the day of the soccer match, Jiu Pun acts as the house in a bet on which side will win. Siu Yuen Gwan Jiu Dak adds fuel to the fire, causing the prince, Jiu Ga and Jiu Pun to bet on Jiu Muk and the Wu family to win, respectively. Jiu Nga suddenly appears, causing everyone to fall for her. Jiu Dak, taking advantage of it, ridicules Jiu Pun for having a sensual mother.

In the beginning of the match, Siu Lung and his team was in the lead. Lin Jun, afraid that Jiu Muk would blame him, secretly kicked the ball towards Siu Lung's shank. Siu Lung was injured and left the game. He then went to the Jut Ji Fu to save Ying Jing along with Tou Fong and the family generals. 

Unfortunately, they get ambushed and he finds out that the person who was impersonating Ju Gei was Sin Yau. She secretly helps Siu Lung and Tou Fong escape but the generals all sacrificed themselves to allow the two to safely leave the mansion. 

The Wu team suffer a crushing defeat in the match and Jiu Pun loses his money as well as his reputation.

Jiu Muk finds out that the Jut Ji Fu had been attacked and infers that it was the Wu family's doing. He uses the cover of visiting Siu Lung to check on his injuries to do an investigation. Fortunately, Siu Lung had thought of this earlier and Jiu Muk had to return without finding out anything.

Tou Fong and Siu Lung feel guilty about the deaths of the generals and the failure in saving Ying Jing. Ying Yuen goes to console them and Ting Fong, outside, overhears the secrets that she was from Chun state and that they're here to save Ying Jing. Ying Yuen tells her not to see Lin Jun anymore.

Sin Yau goes to see her master about the failure in her mission. He sends her off to complete another one. 
Comment : Jiu Poon never really had a reputation to start with, therefore losing the bet was never really devastating to his reputation, but the appearance of his mother, Jiu Nga dressing rather sensually with bright red lipstick was the reason why Jiu Poon losses face in front of Jiu Dak and gang.

Lin Jun wanting to win the game and save face for Jiu Muk deliebrately aimed for Siu Lung's leg and thus injuring his leg severly. Siu Lung had to leave the game but secretly he already knew Lin Jun was going to resort to dirty acts, as he had already padded his legs just in case. Dressed as commandos with Tou Fong as some men, they went to the hostage tower but was ambushed by the impersonating security officers in that tower, one of which was Sin Yau. All died except for Siu Lung and a very injured Tou Fong.

Meanwhile at the game, Siu Lung's men were losing heavily. Whilst Ting Fong went into the game impersonating as a man, nonetheless they still lose the game and all blamed Siu Lung who was nowhere to be seen. When Ting Fong went home to confront Siu Lung, that was when she overheard her true identity, that her father was a spy for Chun and someday they would return to Chun. She stopped blaming Siu Lung but still insisted on being close friends with Lin Jun eventhough he is now the enemy. Later on Jiu Muk came and to his surprise, saw a limping Siu Lung. (Siu Lung had earlier deliberately injured his own leg).


Lin Jun wasn't pleased and jealous to see Ting Fong taking care of Siu Lung and refusing to practice sword skills with him. 

Jiu Muk finds out from Lin Jun that Siu Lung was 'friendly' with women and formulated a plan. 

Siu Lung goes to a shop and buys a jade hairpin. While there, he helps Jiu Nga control a wild horse. He thinks that this meeting wasn't purely by chance.

Siu Lung gives the hairpin to Ting Fong as thanks for her cooking soup and taking care of him for the past few days. Ting Fong acting picky about the pin, but was secretly happy. 

Jiu Nga asks Siu Lung out. Ting Fong sees him dressed up for a meeting and in anger, throws the hairpin away. Siu Lung picks up the broken pin and leaves. 

When Jiu Nga tries to seduce Siu Lung, Jiu Pun storms in to scold the two as being a licentious pair. Jiu Nga angrily slaps him. 

Jiu Nga uses drink to wallow in her sadness. She scolds that all the men in the world are lewd and only love her body. Siu Lung says that he is willing to be her friend, but she's suspicious of his intentions.

Ting Fong tells her maid to go ask Siu Lung if she can borrow his sword but actually she sent her maid to see if he had returned yet. 

Jiu Nga wakes up and deeply admires Siu Lung for not taking advantage of her while she was drunk and making her ginger soup to help counter the effects of the alcohol.

The following morning, Siu Lung returns and Ting Fong thinks that he had an evening of passion with Jiu Nga, making her jealous. She uses a water snake to scare him when he was taking a shower but ends up getting tricked by Siu Lung.

Siu Lung takes the jade hairpin back to the shop for it to be fixed. He discovers that he's being followed and meets up with Sin Yau while escaping from them. He scolds Sin Yau for 'forgetting about justice when seeing wealth'. Sin Yau is angry that he repays her kindness with ingratitude.

Jiu Muk finds out that Lin Jun sent people to kill Siu Lung. He scolds Lin Jun for disliking him because of Ting Fong and orders Lin Jun not to make any moves towards Siu Lung. 

Jiu Muk forces Jiu Nga to try to seduce Siu Lung again to his side. Siu Lung agrees to go admire the flowers with Jiu Nga. Ting Fong warns him to be careful or else he might become a ghost from the flowers. 
Comment : Jiu Nga, the slut of Jiu State was at first convinced all men are the same, Siu Lung included. And so she was sent by her own sugar daddy, Jiu Muk to seduce Siu Lung to entice Siu Lung into the Jiu Muk camp, but instead Siu Lung treated Jiu Nga like a lady and waited on her when she became drunk and slept the whole night due to the heated argument with her son, the angry Jiu Poon. When she woke up and found out that Siu Lung was there with her all night long but never taken advantage of her, she respected and admired him and became his good and true friend.

Ting Fong thought Siu Lung slept with Jiu Nga and Siu Lung did nothing to convince her otherwise. At this point Ting Fong was already in love with Siu Lung which made Lin Jun ever more angry but Lin Jun could do nothing because Jiu Muk wanted Siu Lung as his own men though Lin Jun did try to send his men to kill Siu Lung.


While on the way to the Nga mansion, Siu Lung gets surrounded by hoodlums that were sent by Jiu Pun. He captures Jiu Pun and forces him to eat shit. 

Jiu Muk uses a big house, a beautiful woman and gold to win over Siu Lung. He answers that freedom is priceless, which makes Jiu Muk angry. Jiu Nga admires him for it and asks Siu Lung to take Jiu Pun as his disciple. 

Prime Minister Lui sends a white jade ring as the way of recognizing Ju Gei and her son. Ying Yuen and Tou Fong tell Siu Lung to start an investigation, beginning with Jiu Nga. 

Ting Fong's white rabbit broke the orchids that Jiu Nga had given Siu Lung. He blames her for purposely breaking them and Ting Fong gets angry. She goes into the palace to ask Jiu Sin to give her some orchids. Jiu Sin tells her that she might be married off to someone in the Hon or Ngai states and sighs, saying that she has no choice.

Lin Jin asks Ting Wai about Siu Lung's background and says that he has an idea of how to get Siu Lung to leave the Wu family. 

After getting bullied by Jiu Dak, Jiu Pun returns home. Jiu Nga wants him to take Siu Lung as his teacher but he thought it beneath his dignity. Siu Lung makes a bet that he can defeat Jiu Pun without any weapons and he will disappear out of his own accord if he lost. Siu Lung uses Bruce Lee's kung fu and judo to fight Jiu Pun until he was tired and willing to let Siu Lun be his teacher.

Siu Lung retrieves the now restored jade hairpin and returns home. He sees a new batch of orchids in his room. Tou Fong says that Ting Fong sent them and comments secretly that she likes him. Siu Lung feels vexed.

At least ten horses were poisoned to death in the pasture. At this time, Jiu Muk brings his group to say that there was a hidden spy from another state, namely Siu Lung. Jiu Muk also brought out the box which had the hairpin inside which he said that contained the secret letter that proves he had collaborated with the enemy. When they opened the box, they found ....

Jiu Pun used the Mak Ji Sword Skill, causing Jiu Dak to beg for forgiveness. It also caused a mysterious person to pay more attention to him. 

Siu Lung meets Jiu Sin again in Jiu Nga's mansion. He thought that she was a young palace maiden and Jiu Sin allowed him to think that way. He discovers that he was being followed by the mysterious person and had a fight in the woods. Siu Lung was not a match for the person. 
Comment :  Siu Lung didn't really blame Ting Fong for destroying the expensive and rare orchid. In fact he wanted Tou Fong to take care of the plant! But Ting Fong couldn't bear the fact that Siu Lung was in such close proximity with Jiu Nga.

Jiu Nga wanted Siu Lung to be Jiu Poon's teacher because she trusted and respected Siu Lung and his leadership abilities, hoping to make her son into a better man. Jiu Poon hated Siu Lung at first but after a few advice by Siu Lung Jiu Poon realised no one has spoken so gently and given him such useful advice before and when he realised Siu Lung actually cared for him, Jiu Poon changed for the better and called Siu Lung sifu when he failed to beat the crap out of Siu Lung. But he was still angry for all the humiliation he suffered and went out looking for trouble with Jiu Dak, though he won and humiliated Jiu Dak publicly with little kung fu he learned from Siu Lung who didn't really disapprove of Jiu Poon's actions.


The mysterious person was the Sword Saint of Chai Mak Gam Ji, Chou Chau Dou. He wanted to know the whereabouts of the Gam Ji Ling but Siu Lung acted stupid and confused. 

Sin Yau received the orders from her master to take the Gam Ji Ling from Siu Lung and felt uneasy. 

Jiu Muk was distressed that he was unsuccessful in 'buying'  Siu Lung. Jiu Nga suggested that the way to move someone was to use feelings. Jiu Muk started to feel suspicious about her.

While Siu Lung was teaching kungfu to Jiu Pun, he never forgot to say good things for Jiu Nga. He told Jiu Pun that she loved him very much. 

Siu Lung helped change Jiu Sin's name to Siu Tou and called himself Dai Ngau. She started to like him from his excellent discussions and open personality. 

Siu Lung and Jiu Nga used a bamboo raft to roam the lake. Jiu Nga comments that she doesn't know where Ju Gei and her son are at and persuades Siu Lung to leave Hon Dan. Siu Lung instead persuades her to leave Jiu Muk. 

Siu Lung makes an "evening visit" to Jiu Muk's mansion. He was saved from discovery by Jiu Muk by a woman who he didn't know was Ju Gei. 

Ting Fong followed Lin Jun but was discovered by him. She went with him to the market to see some people do various tricks. Lin Jun took advantage of this to get some information from Ting Fong, but ended up getting her angry.

Jiu Dak and the prince Jiu Ga went to see Jiu Pun. The prince told him to say that Jiu Nga was a *****. Jiu Pun refused and was brutally beaten until he became unconscious. Jiu Nga took care of him and was explaining her reasons for doing what she did in front of his bed. The half-awake Jiu Pun heard them and was greatly moved. 

Siu Lung found out that Jiu Sin had to return to the palace in a few days and secretly took her to the marketplace. Jiu Sin had her horizons broadened. He saw that she was still depressed and suggested that he help her pay the fees for her release. Jiu Sin is moved. Siu Lung tells her the story of Cinderella and gives her a pair of embroidered slippers. Jiu Sin feels that she's in love. Jiu Nga reminds her that she's getting married soon and shouldn't be too close to Dai Ngau. Jiu Sin feels depressed. 
Comment : Jiu Nga didn't suggest using "feelings" against Siu Lung. In fact Jiu Muk was very suspicious of Jiu Nga's loyalty when he knew about Siu Lung's close relationship with Jiu Poon and that Jiu Nga had often commented that Siu Lung was not the usual type of guys she seduced, that he was honourable and had moral integrity who could not be easily bought. This made Jiu Muk even angrier and he decided to kill Siu Lung instead.


Ting Fong sees Siu Lung and Jiu Nga appear together in the marketplace. She goes to get some drinks to help ease her worries. Lin Jun sees that while drunk, she still calls for Siu Lung and he gets jealous. 

Siu Lung finds out that Lin Jun has taken Ting Fong to a tavern and breaks the door to the room. He angrily sees Lin Jun trying to take advantage of Ting Fong. 

She loses her footing and falls into the river, while looking embarrassed and angry. Siu Lung uses artificial respiration to save her. When she wakes up, Ting Fong scolds him.

Lin Jun goes to Ying Yuen to propose marriage to Ting Fong and stated that he was willing to leave Jiu Muk. Ying Yuen asks Ting Fong for her opinion and she refuses, thinking it was Siu Lung who was proposing. Lin Jun, his proposal refused, said that he'll prove his sincerity through his actions. Ying Yuen didn't completely believe him.

He saw the flowery lines of a map on the jade white ring from Ju Gei and felt happy. Lin Jun wanted Ying Yuen to give Ju Gei a personally written secret letter. 

The king of the Jiu was very angry after reading the letter and asked Ying Yuen about it. He and Siu Lung echoed each other to escape blame and Jiu Muk became very vexed. 

Ting Fong discovered that Jiu Sin had a secret love interest. She also accidentally overheard the Jiu king and Jiu Muk talking about obtaining the craftsman Lou Ban's "Lou Gung Bei Luk" and sacrificing Jiu Sin's happiness to get it. 

She tries to persuade Jiu Sin to fight for her own happiness and agrees to ask her love interest about his feelings. Ting Fong takes the embroidered slippers to find 'Dai Ngau', knowing that Siu Lung was 'Dai Ngau'. All the while, she felt like the clear sky had thunderbolts. 

Jiu Sin knew that she had to marry the dissolute and immoderate crown prince of the Ngai state, so she tried to commit suicide. Ting Fong decided to help her and Siu Lung so she told him that 'little rabbit' was going to marry an old and ugly man who sold pork. Siu Lung said that he'll help her escape from the palace. 

The two entered the palace using the cover of importing horse excrements. They secretly placed Jiu Sin inside a wooden barrel. Lin Jun suddenly appeared in front of them when they had almost left the palace, causing the two to have quite a scare.
Comment :  Lin Jun kissed the drunk Ting Fong but before he could do anything more, Siu Lung who knew about Lin Jun and a woman resembling Tin Fong going into a hotel room followed Lin Jun and punched Lin Jun. Lin Jun wanted to kill Siu Lung but Jiu Nga came at the nick of time and stopped Lin Jun, threatening him. After all she was the King's sister, Jiu Muk's secret lover.

Lin Jun proved his "sincerity" by offering to pass a message to the captured and hidden Ju Gei and son. He did it and Ying Yuen trusted him and even considered marriage. He did ask Ting Fong and Ting Fong thought he was talking about Siu Lung since Siu Lung, after the CPR session had promised to take responsibilities, and in her mind responsibility meant marrying her. But she found out it was Lin Jun, she refused the marriage and was severely disappointed Siu Lung did not propose.

Siu Sin was to be married to a playboy Ngai prince for one reason; at the suggestion of Jiu Muk, her marriage will just be a disguise of the real thing; they wanted to steal from a Sung Ling Gwan's possession ( a high  ranking Ngai official) a book about weapons that could revolutionise the way wars are fought.

At the time of rescuing Siu Sin, Siu Lung never knew she was a princess. When Ting Fong knew that the princess loved Siu Lung, she made a conscious decision to give the princess the happiness she deserves and she secretly cried for having to give away her beloved Hon Siu Lung. At that moment Siu Sin has yet to know Siu Lung was the man Ting Fong loved.

They actually transported a lot of barrels full of horse shit before Siu Sin was placed in the empty but still dirty barrel. the guards was so tired of cheking everytime that by the time Siu Sin was in the barrel, the guards did not want to check anymore. Why Ting Fong can go in and out of the palace is because her father was the stable guy for the Jiu Emperor. Anyway, Lin Jun let them go because he suspected something fishy going on.


They successfully escaped from the royal palace due to Ting Fong listing all of Lin Jun's faults and not allowing him an opportunity to ask questions. 

The two temporarily placed Jiu Sin in a farmer's house. Ting Fong sees Siu Lung and Jiu Sin often stare at each other with love in their eyes. She feels gloomy and hurt. When Jiu Sin thinks about being able to live with Siu Lung, her whole heart was happy. 

The Jiu king discovers that Jiu Sin was missing and sends Lin Jun to find and bring her back. He follows Ting Fong to find her. Jiu Sin was afraid of bringing trouble to the innocent and returns to the palace out of her own accord. 

Lin Jun said that Siu Lung was the one who divulged the information and Ting Fong goes to ask him in an angry mood. Siu Lung now begins to realize that Jiu Sin was the princess and said that he didn't tell anyone. He added that he only cared for Jiu Sin as a sister and that he already had someone he loved. Ting Fong's heart was completely confused.

After returning to the palace, Jiu Sin refused to eat or drink. Jiu Nga blamed herself for letting her meet Siu Lung but Jiu Sin was content that she once had a short time of happiness. She knows that Ting Fong beloved 'sex fiend' was Siu Lung and tells her to not to give up in getting her own happiness. Ting Fong was touched by her words.

The Jiu king gave rewards to Lin Jun, who took the opportunity to ask him to approve of the marriage between him and Ting Fong. 

Ying Yuen was surprised to hear that the king was arranging the marriage and says that he already had given her hand in marriage to Siu Lung. Jiu Muk uses the Jiu king's promise as the cause to suggest that Siu Lung and Lin Jun should have a sword fight in front of the king and the winner would marry Ting Fong. 

Siu Lung finds out about the sword fight and refuses at first, thinking that Lin Jun would use this opportunity to kill him. But in the end, he accepts the challenge grudgingly so that he could save the hostages and Ting Fong's future happiness. 

Ting Fong finds out that Siu Lung will fight with Lin Jun for her and feels happy.

After Sin Yau makes a surprise attack on Lin Jun, she shows Siu Lung his attack moves. Siu Lung is thankful, but is still worried that he wasn't Lin Jun's match. 

Meanwhile, Lin Jun is confident that he can defeat Siu Lung. 
Comment : Jiu Sin looked at Siu Lung with love but Siu Lung looked at her with less than love. It was very obvious at most Siu Lung liked her and felt guilty for making her abandon her princess status and he did once promised to take care of her, but not to love her.

It was Lin Jun who found Siu Sin because earlier, he already suspected something was wrong when Ting Fong was so defensive when he was asking questions about the barrel. He named Siu Lung as the informant and silly Ting Fong somehow believed him and it was then Siu Lung came back and found out Siu Sin was a princess and he was reluctant to save her again, and he also confessed he felt nothing for Siu Sin and in his heart he already loved someone else. Ting Fong thought the girl was her and she softened a bit.

Ying Yuen said Ting Fong was engaged to Siu Lung because he didn't want her to marry Lin Jun, also because Ting Fong disagreed with it. Siu Lung reluctantly fight Lin Jun for Ting Fong's future happiness and also because he wanted more time before he run back to Chun state. He wanted to save the hostages first. However he knew he would lose to Lin Jun. Thanks to Sin Yau who went and tested Lin Jun's kung fu herself (and was almost killed), she told Siu Lung Lin Jun's weaknesses and he practised some more.


Sin Yau and Siu Lung practice their skills and Siu Lung loses heart, knowing he's not a match for Lin Jun. Sin Yau thinks that there might be a secret hidden within the Gam Ji Ling. Sure enough, they discover three moves in the Mak Si Gim Fat Bou Wai.

Jiu Muk forces Jiu Nga to poison Siu Lung and she is alarmed. She prepares a banquet and asks Siu Lung to come. Siu Lung jokes that if he has to die, he'd rather be a ghost with a full stomach. Jiu Nga feels like her heart is being poked with needles. She can only watch Siu Lung bring the wine to his lips and wished she could warn him.

Siu Lung discovers he had been poisoned after returning to the Wu family, causing everyone to be worried. Ting Fong was willing to marry Lin Jun if it prevented him from dying in battle. 

On the day of the fight, the general Lei Sau of the Northern Huns came to watch. Lin Jun notices that Siu Lung didn't seem to look like he was poisoned and thought it odd. Siu Lung made Lin Jun's sword fall to the ground. Lin Jun was unwilling to relent and attacked from behind. Lei Muk gives Siu Lung his Fei Hung Gim to make his enemy retreat. In the end, Lin Jun's arm is paralyzed. 

Ting Fong was waiting impatiently for the news. She was very happy to find out that Siu Lung had won. Although the victor, Siu Lung refused the marriage. Ying Yuen had no choice but to go explain it to Ting Fong. He saw Ting Fong happily take out her marriage clothes and couldn't bear to tell her the truth. 

After his arm was paralyzed, Lin Jun was kicked out of Jiu Muk's mansion and like a dog, was made fun of by everyone.

Ting Fong follows Siu Lung into the forest. He tells her that he won't marry her and calls for Sin Yau to appear. He adds that she is his love interest. After hearing this, Ting Fong feels crushed. 

After returning back to the Wu family, Siu Lung finds out that Ting Fong had disappeared and hurriedly went out to search for her. He meets up with Sin Yau, who takes away the Gam Ji Ling from him.

The Jiu king gives Siu Lung the rank of general and tells him to escort Jiu Sin to Ngai state for her marriage and to steal from Sun Ling Gwan the Lou Gung Mat Luk.

Ying Yuen suggests that Siu Lung take the Mat Luk and use it in exchange for the hostages.

Jiu Muk forces Jiu Nga to go with the marriage party and to aid Siu Lung in obtaining the Mat Luk or else she'll find Jiu Pun's body. Jiu Nga's face is as white as salt. 
Comment : Siu Lung was about to drink the wine offered by Jiu Nga (which was poisoned) but Jiu Nga stopped him and explained why. Jiu Poon was very angry at his own mother but Siu Lung did not blame her. He pretended to be poinsoned so that Lin Jun would think he was weak and easy to fight. In the end Siu Lung with one slash of his sword caused Lin Jun's right hands to be smi-paralyzed, meaning he can no longer use his right hand to hold heavy objects, such as his sword. Without this ability of his, Lin Jun might as well become paralyzed.

Lei Muk gave his beloved sword to Siu Lung.

Siu Lung was at first unwilling to escort the princess to Ngai state, after all he promised he would help the princess and he was still worried about Ting Fong's whereabouts. However, Ying Yuen lied and said Ting Fong left a message that she was going back to Chun state to clear her mind. And Siu Lung formulated a plan to escape Ngai state with Siu Sin.

Jiu Muk threatened Jiu Nga that she must steal the book from Siu Lung or else he would kill Jiu Poon who was his hostage at that time. Jiu Nga secretly went to another trusted general, Lei Sau to look after Jiu Poon and he agreed. Jiu Nga was happy and told Jiu Muk she won't be needing his "help" in taking care of Jiu Poon whilst she was away but alas, Lei Sau was ordered back to the war front and again, Jiu Poon became Jiu Muk's pawn.

On the day of the marriage, Jiu Sin acted like the walking dead and Jiu Nga was saddened. Before they leave, Jiu Muk tells her to remember to take the book. He adds that Lei Muk had left for the frontier and Jiu Pun had also been taken back to his mansion. Jiu Nga's face becomes ashen when she hears this.

Jiu Sin didn't have any appetite, which caused Jiu Nga much worry. She persuaded Siu Lung to avoid seeing Jiu Sin so he wouldn't disturb her state of mind (she didn't know the general was Siu Lung). At the same time Jiu Dak, who was also returning to Ngai state to visit relatives, had returned drunk. 

He teased the two for having a tryst and Siu Lung angrily said that he left without authorization and should be punished under the military code. Jiu Dak's mother, Madame Ping Yuen, begged Siu Lung to forgive him. Siu Lung thought that she was not a simple woman.

Ting Fong, who ran away from home, met up with Lin Jun. She felt guilty and persuaded him to be a useful man, even with a paralyzed arm. Lin Jun started to piece back his life together and suggested they travel together. 

Siu Lung discovered that Jiu Dak added some sleeping potion to the food and decided to play by his game. In the evening, Jiu Dak enters Jiu Sin's room. Siu Lung captures him and wanted to execute Jiu Dak. 

Madame Ping Yuen had no choice but to reveal that she had conspired with her brother Sun Ling Gwan to prevent Siu Lung from easily returning to Jiu state by causing Jiu Sin to lose her virginity. Sun Ling Gwan would use this opportunity to ask Siu Lung to aid him in killing the Ngai king. Siu Lung decided to imprison Jiu Dak and Madame Ping Yuen within the Jiu state boundaries and the escorting party continued on their way.

Jiu Sin's wagon was stuck in the stone crevice and it allowed her to discover that Siu Lung was the escorting general. She scolded him for promising to save her from this fate yet today he was escorting her into the tiger's mouth. After hearing this, Siu Lung said that he will take her away from Ngai state. Jiu Sin feels new hope.

Ting Fong arrives in Chun state. When she was about to part ways with Lin Jun, it started to rain. The two entered a broken house to wait it out. They ended up meeting Lou Oi, who was escaping from assassins. After using a special skill (using only the left hand to attack) to kill the assassins, he wanted to kill the two as well. 
Lou Oi's reason for killing the two is because they've seen the real disabled right hand. Ting Fong says that even if he kills all the people in the world, he would not be able to get rid of his own inner demons. Lou Oi laughs sarcastically and says that Lin Jun couldn't protect himself and needs a woman to beg for forgiveness for him. He adds that Lin Jun should be feeling like killing himself. After giving it much thought, Lin Jun decides to be Lou Oi's disciple.

Siu Lung and the others arrive in Ngai state. Sun Ling Gwan and his household manager Hiu Ngai Mau come to meet them. He orders the doors to the city be closed for the people until Jiu Sin enters safely. The common people are not pleased.

Lung Yeung Gwan wanted to leave the city to meet with his teacher Jau Hin and his classmate Kam Ching, so he ordered the doors be open. When Sun Ling Gwan and his group enter the city, he has a argument with Lung Yeung Gwan. Siu Lung stops them and Lung Yeung Gwan gets a favorable impression of him. He sees that the young woman in the wagon looks like Chun Ching and thinks that something's wrong with his eyes.

Sun Ling Gwan asks Siu Lung about the whereabouts of Madame Ping Yuen and her son. Siu Lung says that he knows of his plot and adds that he has offended Jiu Muk in the Jiu state. He then comments that he was just thinking about joining with Sun Ling Gwan, who doesn't truly believe his words.

Lin Jun finds Lou Oi to be his teacher, but Lou Oi tells him to bow to him a hundred times to express his sincerity. After doing so, he says that he won't take Lin Jun as his student. Ting Fong couldn't take it anymore and appears to denounce him. Lin Jun asks Lou Oi to kill him. Lou Oi remarks that even death must be at the hands of another. Lin Jun then cuts off his left arm while Ting Fong hurriedly tries to stop him.

To find out where the Mat Luk (book) was hidden, Siu Lung decides to try 'hitting the grass and surprising the snake'. The prince of Ngai state forcibly enters Jiu Sin's room to take advantage of her, but is stopped by Siu Lung.

After Siu Lung investigates the waterway, he meets with the woman who looks like Chun Ching again.

Lung Yeung Gwan temporarily places Jau Hin and Kam Ching in a waterside pavilion to live in. Jau Hin says that he has discovered a lusterous new star that has appeared in the skies in the Ngai state. He believes it to be the birth of a new savior who will end the war between the seven states.

When Sun Ling Gwan invites Jiu Nga, he finds out that his study is on fire and goes to see if the book is safe or not. When Siu Lung takes the book, Sung Ling Gwan suddenly appears.

Comment : Lin Jun wanted to kill himself when he was ridiculed by Lou Oi BUT HE NEVER EVER cut or even tried to cut off his own paralysed arm.

Sung Ling Gwan was very friendly with Jiu Nga which meant that they once were lovers.

Siu Lung recognises Lung Yeung Gwan as a famous historical figure that was rumoured to be gay. He avoids this man whenever he could.

Using the waterway, Siu Lung escapes to the waterside pavilion and hides in a room. He sees Kam Ching, who looks exactly like Chun Ching and was stunned. 

Ngai Mau thinks Siu Lung is the most suspicious. Jiu Nga says that he isn't, which leads Sun Ling Gwan to have his doubts about him. He leads a group to the outer rooms to investigate.

Sun Ling Gwan goes into Jiu Sin's room to see Siu Lung, his clothes in disarray, in the bed with Jiu Sin. Siu Lung begs for forgiveness about his act of adultery with the princess and agrees to assassinate the Ngai king. Sun Ling Gwan deeply believes that Siu Lung isn't a thief. 

Ting Fong and Lin Jun follow Lou Oi on the road. To get on his good side, they give him food and a place to stay. Lou Oi was happy that his expenses were paid and took advantage of it. Ting Fong couldn't help it and yelled at Lou Oi for only caring about torturing the two and had no thoughts of taking a disciple. 

Lou Oi says that if he wants to be his disciple, he must pass though three tests. The first test was to go jump off from the top of a cliff, which trained him in his daring. The second test was to stay in a pool of excrement for one day and night and to live with the bugs and worms there. This is for training his capability for patience. Lin Jun accepts the challenge.

Siu Lung goes to the waterside pavilion to retrieve the book and hears a maid call Kam Ching 'madame'. He guesses that she must be the wife of Lung Yeung Gwan and feels a bit disappointed. 

Lung Yeung Gwan invites Siu Lung to drink wine and to talk of swordplay. He treated Siu Lung with deep affection and sincerity, which scared the wits out of him. 

After passing the second test, Ting Fong helps Lin Jun to the waterfall to wash the stink off him. Lou Oi sees Ting Fong, back in her female clothes and an evil idea pops in his head.

He says his third test was for Lin Jun to give him Ting Fong for one night. Lin Jun flat out refuses and says that he was going to retire in the village with her. Ting Fong makes it clear that she is helping him due to friendship and not love. Lin Jun receives a big shock at this and his heart has made up his mind. 

He invites her out to eat. After drinking the tea, Ting Fong feels her body become weak. Lin Jun carries her to a room and Lou Oi comes in. He praises him for his work and moves closer to the bed. Ting Fong starts screaming and yelling. 
Comment : Lin Jun actually wanted to leave the kung fu world with Ting Fong and become a farmer but Ting Fong flatly refused him. He knew it was because of Siu Lung. And remembering what Ting Fong said about one must create one's own destiny and one must love oneself, Lin Jun decided he must love himself by sacrificing Ting Fong. When Lin Jun heard Ting Fong's scream, he ran out into the forest until the morning comes. Ting Fong was raped by Lou Oi.
Lin Jun hears Ting Fong's screams and feels agony in his heart. The next morning, he sees Lou Oi's satified expression and decides to continue to patiently wait until he takes him as his diciple. 

After being raped, Ting Fong heads towards the edge of a cliff. She sadly says that Lin Jun was more merciless and shameless than Lou Oi and then turns to jump off the cliff. 

The Ngai king sets the date for the marriage of the prince and Jiu Sin a bit eariler than expected. Siu Lung decides to get the book as soon as possible. 

Lung Yeung Gwan invites Siu Lung and Jiu Nga to see a group of gifted men discussing politics that Kam Ching is presiding over. From Jiu Nga, Siu Lung finds out that Kam Ching isn't the wife of Lung Yeung Gwan, which lifted his spirits a bit. 

During the discussion, he happily meets the two well known historical figures Hon Fei and Lei Si. He tried to persuade Lei Si to go to Chun state so his talents can be truly put to use, which confuses Lei Li. 

Siu Lung gives a speech about the rules of law and how the king can be charged with crimes, just like a regular citizen. The group there all begin to discuss his words. Siu Lung then starts talking about a theory on how to use growth rings to determine a tree's age that causes Kam Ching to view him with different eyes. 

During the discussions, he goes to change his clothes after purposely staining them with wine. Siu Lung sneaks into Kam Ching's room to take the book and gives it to Jiu Nga to take away first. 

The two wait outside the city's gates for Jiu Sin and the guards. They were surprised to discover that she had been taken into the palace. Siu Lung orders Jiu Nga and the others to leave with the book first and he'll go to save Jiu Sin. 

The crown prince of the Ngai was about to take advantage of Jiu Sin but Siu Lung breaks in. He takes the prince hostage so he and Jiu Sin can escape. Ngai Mou takes the guards to chase after the two. Jiu Sin gets shot by an arrow while protecting Siu Lung.

Lung Yeung Gwan and Sun Lung Gwan both take their followers to search for the two. Lung Yeung Gwan sees that the two are deeply in love and takes a risk in bringing the two back to the waterside pavilion. 

Siu Lung takes out the arrow from Jiu Sin but worries that the wound might cause a fever. At this moment, Sun Ling Gwan arrives with his group to search the place. Luckily, Kam Ching manages to help them avoid being captured. Yet she begins to have strange feelings for Siu Lung.
Comment : The reason why Siu Lung turned to the discussion  of tree rings is because one of the members of the discussion group gave Kam Qing a piano, boasting that the piano is very old and priceless. Siu Lung counted the tree rings on the piano and concluded it isn't that priceless. The reason why Siu Lung could validate his tree rings counts is because Lung Yeung Gwan planted those chopped trees himself and knew how old they were.
Lung Yeung Gwan sees that Sung Ling Gwan couldn't find Siu Lung and he (Sung Ling Gwan) begins to throw a tantrum. 

Jiu Sin's wound has an inflammation which leads to a fever. The group could do nothing about it.

Jiu Nga sees that Siu Lung hasn't returned and starts to worry. She also was afraid of returning back to Jiu state too late to save her son. 

Siu Lung suddenly remembers that the communicator has some antibiotics inside and was very happy. 

Kam Ching knows that Siu Lung likes her but feels that he and Jiu Sin shares a deep love and respect. Her state of mind filled with contradictory thoughts, she tells Siu Lung to cherish the person in front of him. Siu Lung hears her words and his heart is a bit disappointed.

Lung Yeung Gwan and the others had a perplexing time figuring out how to send Siu Lung and Jiu Sin out of the Ngai state's boundaries. Coincidentally, Lei Si had successfully asked for more grain and came to say goodbye. He agreed to help the two. 

Lei Si hid the two within the wagons for the grain. When Ngai Mau used a long lance to poke into the grain (and where the two were hiding), Lung Yeung Gwan suddenly appeared and led Ngai Mau away. 

To prevent from bringing trouble to Lei Si, Siu Lung rode away on a horse with Jiu Sin. At this time, Ngai Mau returned to chase after the two. After being hit by an arrow, Siu Lung jumped off a cliff with Jiu Sin.

Because of the arrow wound, Siu Lung went into a coma. After a lot of work, Jiu Sin managed to continue on their journey while taking Siu Lung along. In the evening she held Siu Lung, who felt cold. When he woke up, he lightly kissed Jiu Sin in thanks. 

The two arrived in the Rock Head Village. They were cared for by the Tang and Ging families but pitifully, this brought on their deaths. Tang Yik and Ging Jun returns to find their families all killed. The two were filled with grief and Siu Lung agrees to help them get revenge. 

He leads Ngai Mau back to the village and Tang Yik and Ging Jun kill him themselves. The three become sworn brothers and all of them head off back to the Jiu state to build their reputations. 

Jiu Nga secretly returns back to her home and is surprised to see Jiu Muk waiting for her there. He asks her where the book is and uses Jiu Pun as a hostage again. Jiu Nga's state of mind is in confusion. The next day, she brings the book to Jiu Muk in exchange for her son and hurriedly takes him away.
Comment : Jiu Sin didn't die from her wounds because Siu Lung used the antibiotics given to him before he returned to this century.

I don't remember watching a scene where Siu Lung kissed Jiu Sin. In fact they were very cordial and he was very fond of her, and will take care of her for life but never really loved her.

When Jiu Muk looked through the book, he realized that he had been deceived and sent people after Jiu Nga and her son (it was not the real book). 

Jiu Nga gives the book to Jiu Pun and instructs him to bring it back to Siu Lung, no matter what haoppens. She then cuts the suspension bridge to prevent Jiu Muk from capturing Jiu Pun, who had just crossed the bridge. 

After hitting Jiu Nga for a while, Jiu Muk gives her to his family generals. Later, Jiu Nga commits suicide by poison after being raped by them. Jiu Pun secretly returns back and discovers the trampled and barely conscious Jiu Nga. He felt angry and sad at the same time.

Siu Lung and the others returns back to the Wu family and sees Jiu Pun. He was surprised and grieved to find out that Jiu Nga was humiliated and committed suicide. 

Jiu Pun doesn't listen to Siu Lung's warnings and went alone to seek revenge on Jiu Muk but was captured by him. Siu Lung uses the book in exchange for Jiu Pun. He instructs him to leave first. Siu Lung then uses an ice mortar to hold Jiu Muk hostage and to take him to find Ju Gei and her son.

Jiu Muk takes him through a secret passageway to a room. Siu Lung shows Ju Gei Prime Minister Lui's white jade ring and she becomes excited. Siu Lung was disappointed with Ying Jing's expressions and actions, though. 

At this time, Jiu Muk took advantage of the confusion to fight back. He accidentally used the ice mortar to stab Ying Jing and escaped. Siu Lung sees that he is seriously injured and his face loses it's color. Ju Gei wasn't too scared about it and mentions that she had dug a hole. Siu Lung hears the sound of water outside the hole and discovers some thick smoke coming in. He continues to dig.

Siu Lung finds out that Ying Jing had died and is very agitated. But Ju Gei was emotionless at his death and Siu Lung asks her if she was cold blooded. Ju Gei flatly said that he wasn't the real Ying Jing and Siu Lung was stunned.

Jiu Muk knows that Siu Lung and the others escaped through an underground waterway and is very angry. He takes with him a large group of people to the Wu family. He discovers that all that was left in the stables were dead horses. The whole family had already escaped through a burrow. 

After reading the letter by Prime Minister Lui, Ju Gei starts relating the story about the real Ying Jing being raised in a farmer's house in the Ngau family village.
Siu Lung takes Tang Yik and Jiu Pun to the Ngau family and was startled to see that Ying Jing had died in battle. He started to dig up the grave like mad. Siu Lung's mind was blank when he saw the white jade ring on Ying Jing's hand. Tang Yik was concerned and asked him questions. Siu Lung says that he was from the future. As he listened, Tang Yik felt more confused.

When Ju Gei sees Jiu Pun wearing the white jade ring, she rushes up to him to hug him tightly. Siu Lung sees this and decides to let her think he was Ying Jing. He separately goes to Ying Yuen and Jiu Pun to explain what they should do. Ying Yuen reluctantly agrees to the plan for an imposter. 

Sin Yau was sent to investigate Jau Ping, who was experimenting on a powerful weapon. She saves a young woman who was being used as a test subject for testing some medicine and had a strange expression on her face. Sin Yau was surprised to find that the woman was Ting Fong. 

Sin Yau was also ordered to investigate the secret behind the Gam Ji Ling. She returns to the house to find Ting Fong attempting suicide. She reveals to Ting Fong that Siu Lung had his own reasons for refusing to marry her, which made her start to miss him. 

The two return to the Chun state together. Sin Yau wondered about Ting Fong acting rather reticent and how different she was from being lively and energetic in the past. 

The two arrive at the outer city in the Chun state. They coincidentally see Siu Lung and the others escorting Ju Gei and her son back to the Chun. Ting Fong sees Siu Lung on a horse through the crowd and feels excited in her heart. But she suddenly turns and leaves. Sin Yau asks her why she didn't go see him. Ting Fong thinks about her getting raped and says nothing. 

Sin Yau goes into Siu Lung's room in the evening and says that she is going to take him to see someone. She discovers that Ting Fong is nowhere to be found. Sin Yau decides to change the subject and ask Siu Lung for the secret manuscript for the Gam Ji Ling so she could complete her mission. Siu Lung suggests to her a plan so she can do so. 

Lui Bat Wai personally goes to meet with Ju Gei and her son. Her expression was one of excitement when she saw him. 

Lin Jun, in the crowd, sees that Ying Jing was Jiu Pun and was surprised. He decides to wait and see what will happen.
Comment : When Siu Lung found out that Ying Jing has died, he was devastated. He told Tang Yik his secret and thought Tang Tik couldn't really understand what he was talking about, Tang Yik reasoned that if Ying Jing is dead, how come Siu Lung is still here? AN dif Siu Lung is still here, that means that dead Ying Jing is not the future Chun emperor and that there must be someone else. Siu Lung realised Tang Yik was right.

Ting Fong who jumped from the cliff was rescued by that mad scientist and was sadistically tortured. Sin Yau was told by that scientist he wasn't actually deliberately creating a new weapon and was actually experimenting on some elixir of life. Accidentally after mixing some ingredients, that medicine of his exploded. I guess that was the creation of dynamites. or rather, gun powder.

Siu Lung never planned for Jiu Poon to be Ying Jing at first but when he saw how happy Ju Gei was, he formulated a plan to replace Jiu Poon as Ying Jing. Jiu Poon flatly refused at first but Siu Lung convinced him, Since Jiu Poon wanted to avenge for his mother's death, being a prince of Chun state would help in his revenge scheme. Jiu Poon then agreed and he was thereon called Ying Jing.

Ying Yuen was reluctant at first with Jiu Poon as Ying Jing but when Siu Lung said Lui But Wia already told Siu Lung that Ying Jing is his son and not the king's son, Ying Yuen agreed but nonetheless cried when he realised as a citizen of the Chun state, Chun in the future will be governed by an outsider and that Chun blood lineage would end with the succession of Jiu Poon as King.

When Ju Gei sees Bat Wai enter the room, she enters into his embrace with tender affection and says that she doesn't want to enter the palace. Bat Wai persuades her to think about Ying Jing's future if she didn't and Ju Gei suffers a great blow.

The Chun king was very happy to be reunited with Ju Gei and Ying Jing. He gives Ju Gei the rank of Madame Wa Gwai; to Ying Yuen he bestows ten hectares of grasslands, one hundred horses and allows him to return to his hometown to live out his days. The king gives Siu Lung the rank of Grand Teacher so he could teach Ying Jing kung fu. 

The second prince Sing Giu and Yeung Chuen Gwan notice that when Ju Gei and her son had just returned to the country, 'even a chicken and a dog are elevated to immortals. They felt threatened by the two. 

Jiu Sin knows that Ying Yuen wants to return to his home village and hopes that she can also live with Siu Lung in the mountains and forest. She adds that she is willing to follow him to the ends of the earth and Siu Lung is touched.

Bat Wai has a banquet and asks Siu Lung and Ying Jing to attend. The two sees Lin Jun, who calls himself the Left Handed Spirit Sword Lou Oi. He was Bat Wai's new swordsman, which led the two to feel a bit scared. 

Siu Lung asks to see Lou Oi (Lin Jun). He tells Siu Lung about how he killed the real Lou Oi and says that he is willing to help Siu Lung aid Ying Jing in ascending the throne. Siu Lung doesn't quite believe his words.

The Jiu state sends the emissary Jiu Dak to congratulate Ying Jing for returning to his country. In the audience hall, he says that the Ying Jing in front of them was a fake. Yet the Chun king had already known about Ju Gei switching the real Ying Jing while being held hostage and angrily says that Jiu Dak was spreading lies. He had Jiu Dak kicked out of the Chun palace.

Jiu Dak was filled with rage as he returns back to the palace. He bumps into Ying Jing, who was on his way to seeing Ju Gei at her personal rooms and formulated a plan.

Siu Lung finds out that Jiu Dak had gone to the Lui mansion and knew that something was wrong. 

Jiu Dak says that he wants to negotiate a deal with Bat Wai, who mistakenly thinks that he knows Ying Jing was his son. Bat Wai begins to think about killing off Jiu Dak. 

At this time, Siu Lung asks for an audience with Bat Wai. Once he sees him, Siu Lung asks Bat Wai to kill him. Bat Wai was confused and dumbfounded on the spot. 

Siu Lung says that he had once fought with Jiu Dak over Jiu Sin and had incurred hatred for each other. This ended up bringing trouble for Ying Jing, he adds. Siu Lung then starts praising Ying Jing's bloodline being excellent and healthy while secretly complementing Bat Wai, who suspicions were eased but still killed Jiu Dak.
Because Ying Jing was afraid that Jiu Dak would expose his identity, he was getting his stuff ready to escape from the place. Bat Wai suddenly appears, waiting outside the door.

The group of officials notice that the Chun king hasn't held court for several days and started voicing their displeasure.

Yeung Chuen Gwan hints that the Chun king might be overworked but actually is blaming it on Ju Gei. He proposes that Sing Giu should be the crown prince and Bat Wai says something to refute it. The Chun king suddenly faints.

Bat Wai goes to the mansion of the Grand Teacher (Siu Lung's place) and scolds Ying Jing for being addicted to leisure and music. He adds that Ying Jing doesn't realize how much Yeung Chuen Gwan and Sing Giu wanted him out of the picture.

Within the discussion hall, the two sides led by Lui Bat Wai and Yeung Chuen Gwan had a dispute over who should be the crown prince.

They suddenly hear the repeated screams of the Chun king. They only see Siu Lung beginning to massage the king's feet and how painful the king looked. Siu Lung points out that the king is suffering from a kind of arthritis. The Chun king complements that his technique is excellent.

Bat Wai tries to persuade Siu Lung to marry Jiu Sin soon so it wouldn't affect Ying Jing and damage her name. Siu Lung hesitates.

On Jiu Sin's 18th birthday, Siu Lung brings out a special birthday cake and tells her to make a wish. He hears what it is and feels even more rueful.

Ju Gei changes into a common girl's clothes and arrives at the Lui mansion. She indicates that she doesn't want to return to the palace, which makes Bat Wai angry with her. He says that he won't allow her to destroy Ying Jing's chances to become the next Chun king. She suddenly realizes that she was only a chess piece for Bat Wai's quest for power and prestige. Ju Gei is very saddened by this.

Lou Oi sees Ju Gei crying pitifully and says that she should become a person with power instead of going around begging for someone else's love like a lowly beggar. Then she can easily get whatever she wants, especially men. Ju Gei hears his words and is moved.

Loi Oi continues by saying that she should kill Jiu Muk in revenge for the humiliation he put her through for many years and suggests Siu Lung for the job.

She persuades the Chun king to send Siu Lung to kill Jiu Muk so to stop everyone from talking about her. Ying Jing voices his support and the king agrees.

Siu Lung finds out that he had to return to Jiu state to bring Jiu Muk back to the Chun state. He thought it was too early to do such a thing. Ying Jing tearfully reminds him of how Jiu Nga died and Siu Lung agrees reluctantly to go.

Comment : Ju Gei was blamed for the King's over-tiredness, implying that she was overworking the king sexually. In actual fact the king had rheumatism and because of that, he couldn't sleep and thus became over-tired. Siu Lung uses a modern type of reflexology to calm the king's mind and taught Ying Jing how to do it. In the process Ying Jing could be closer to the king and Ju Gei was wrongly blamed. Siu Lung even built a stone pebbles walkway for the King to use daily and he gained the King's trust and affection.
Lou Oi reveals to Siu Lung that Jiu Muk was the illegitimate son of Chun San Gwan of the Cho state. His objective for being in the Jiu was to ruin that state's strength. He also points out that after his arm was paralyzed, he was abandoned like a broken doll by Jiu Muk. He swears that he will get revenge and Siu Lung feels bitterly disappointed as he hears this.

Tou Fong suggests that Siu Lung dress like the horse-crazy Dung Hong of Cho state and use the name of peddling horses as a way of entering the Jiu. Then he can impersonate the secret messenger from Cho state to earn the confidence of Jiu Muk. Tou Fong then helps Siu Lung change his looks.

Nou Dai from the Sau Juk Cheung Sing finds that it was difficult to attack Ying Jing. Luckily for Lou Oi, he was able to use his sword to kill him. Loi Oi takes advantage of this feat to curry favor with Ying Jing.

Siu Lung meets with Lei Si again in the Lui mansion. He agrees to suggest him for the post of Ying Jing's teacher and Lei Si is grateful. 

Jiu Sin gives Siu Lung a charm for a safe return. Her expression was of one that didn't want to be apart from him. Siu Lung was touched but didn't dare to make any promises to her.

Ting Fong again remembers the scene when she was raped by Lou Oi and decides to hire Sin Yau to kill her. Sin Yau asks for one thousand taels of gold but in the end strikes a deal with five hundred taels. 

To earn the money needed, Ting Fong is willing to help Sin Yau as an assassin. Her first time as an assassin, Ting Fong is nervous and nearly got Sin Yau killed. She persuades Ting Fong to give up on revenge. Sin Yau says that she had no choice at the time when she became an assassin. Only after giving the money she earned to help a group of orphans did she feel that she was worth something.

Ju Gei notices that Bat Wai is only thinking about teaching Ying Jing to write characters and ignores her. She personally makes a meal and asks him to come, but he doesn't. Ju Gei then angrily pushes the plates of food to the floor. 

Lou Oi again reminds her to take advantage of the fact that the Chun king listens to her every word. He then grabs her 'jade hands' and her mind is uneasy.

Siu Lung, after changing clothes, arrive in the Jiu state with Tang Yik. They see Kam Ching and pick up the painting that she dropped. In it was the two pieces of poems that Siu Lung had spoken before. He feels a bit confused in his mind and, forgetting who he was, starts calling for her. Kam Ching sees the changed appearance of Siu Lung and wonders why he seemed like someone she met.
Comment : The reason why Lui But Wai avoided Ju Gei is simple. He doesn't want everybody else to bad mouth Ying Jing and hurts Ying Jing's chance of becoming the crown prince and later on the King. But the man hungry Ju Gei wouldn't see his reasons and was becoming more and more disillusioned and turned her affections to Lou Oi, aka Lin Jun.

Lin Jun killed Lou Oi after he learned all that he needed to learn and took Lou Oi's name.

Siu Lung was ordered to go back to Jiu state and kidnap Jiu Muk. he dind't want to but after being accused as a liar by Ying Jing (aka Jiu Poon), he went back for Jiu Poon and to avenge for Jiu Nga's death. He dressed as the little seen but well known  Dung Hong from the Cho state and met Kam Qing who couldn't recognise him.

Jiu Muk prepares a banquet for Dung Hong, but suddenly, with a stern voice, he accuses Dung Hong for being a fake. Siu Lung was startled.

During the mass meeting of the talented to discuss politics, Lei Yuen gives Kam Ching the Bak Nga zither along with the nine song music composition by Wat Yuen in an attempt to win her affections. He and Jiu Muk started to fight over her and she, with no alternative, said that she only wanted a star from the sky. Siu Lung follows this by telling a fable story about eating honey. Kam Ching views him with new eyes.

Kam Ching and Siu Lung meet in the gardens. Siu Lung sighs and says that the person he misses was so close to him, yet seemed as far away as the end of the earth. These words moved Kam Ching's mood at this moment. Siu Lung points out that it isn't impossible to take a star from the sky. He then releases the fireflies he captured in a bag. The fireflies dance around Kam Ching and the two feel something from the other person.

Siu Lung finds out that Jiu Muk will secretly conduct a custom of the Cho people to sacrifice someone to the mountain ghosts in a few days. Siu Lung planned to destroy the opening to the mountain to capture him. 

He goes around the lake with Kam Ching to paint and draw. Siu Lung sees that her ink and wash color was monotonous and cleverly picks a flower to crush it into a juice. He then lets it dye into the painting. Kam Ching was very happy. On the way back, Kam Ching injures her ankle and Siu Lung carries her back to the mansion. 

Tang Yik and the others were waiting for Siu Lung at the mountain. They ended up watching as their chance to capture Jiu Muk slip away and felt that they wasted their time. They notice that Siu Lung was more concerned about Kam Ching than about their mission and voiced their displeasure. Siu Lung feels guilty.

Jiu Muk said that in two days the Jiu king will come there to test some horses and added it was a good chance to assassinate him. Siu Lung feels very vexed.

Kam Ching again asks Siu Lung to go to the lake in Sa Jau and he decides to use this to his advantage. 

Jiu Muk goes to Sa Jau to meet with Kam Ching and suddenly two men dressed in black appeared to attack him. He gets captured. 

Kam Ching quickly pulls away the cloth covering the face of one of the people in black and sees Siu Lung. She realizes that he had used her to lure Jiu Muk into a trap. Siu Lung knows that he was wrong and persuades her to take Jau Hin and return back to Chun state with him. She angrily refuses.
Comment : Siu Lung uses the letter meant for him by Kam Qing in his plans to kidnap Jiu Muk. At that time Kam Qing was already infatuated with Dung Hong whilst Jiu Muk was infatuated with Kam Qing. But it was Jiu Muk who came and in front of Kam Qing, she saw Siu Lung kidnapping Jiu Muk. Siu Lung told Kam QIng and Jau Hin to leave for Chun immediately but Kam Qing stubbornly refused to follow his advise, though Jau Hin later advised her to listen to Siu Lung.
Ying Jing thinks of Siu Lung and wasn't in the mood for studying. A bodyguard reports that Siu Lung had successfully captured Jiu Muk and all but Lou Oi was happy.

Jiu Sin and Ging Jun arrive at a fabrics shop to buy some fabric to make a wedding dress. She and the daughter of Bat Wai, Neung Yung, both took a fancy to the same red fabric. Neung Yung was angry at Ging Jun's imprudence and bought all of the red fabrics in the shop. Later she and Ging Jun made a bet on who can make the Kwan Lun Nou follow them. Neung Yung loses but doesn't give the red fabric to Ging Jun, who gets very angry. 

Neung Yung suddenly brings the red fabric when she visits Jiu Sin. She says that she wants to be friends and help her design the dress for Jiu Sin. Neung Yung adds that she admires Jiu Sin for giving up everything she had for love. Jiu Sin smiles embarrassedly.

The officer in charge of the bodyguards in the palace was removed from office. Ju Gei suggests Lou Oi as a candidate. The Chun king and Bat Wai thought this was sudden. Ying Jing then suggests Siu Lung for the post. Bat Wai agrees with him.

Bat Wai saw through Lou Oi's ambition and reminded him to 'be a good citizen'. 

Jiu Sin arrives at Neung Yung's place to pick up a concentric knot along with the bridal clothes. Neung Yung also gave her a cute white rabbit. When she was leaving, the rabbit escaped from her and went into the garden, breaking various flower pots. Jiu Sin picks up something that has an order to kill Siu Lung. Lou Oi sees that Jiu Sin knows too much and his face shows signs of wanting to kill her.

Siu Lung feels uneasy while taking Jiu Muk to a tavern. While there, he was attacked by assassins.

Jau Hin sees that Kam Ching is worried about Siu Lung but refuses to admit it. He also is suspicious that Siu Lung was the new savior who will unite the six kingdoms and decides to enter the Chun state. Kam Ching follows behind him.

Siu Lung and the others take Jiu Muk to Ham Yeung. As he walked towards Jiu Muk, Ying Jing thinks about how Jiu Nga was forced to commit suicide. Jiu Muk sees that the man in front of him was Jiu Pun and his heart started to feel painful. 

At this point, Ging Jun arrives, panting profusely and said that something had happened to Jiu Sin. Siu Lung sees Jiu Sin, her hands tied and injuries to her head, at the riverside and is very grieved.
Comment : Jiu Sin thought that when Siu Lung returns, he will marry her and prepared for her impending wedding. She befriends Lui But Wai's only child, the aspiring fashion designer, Neung Yung and became great friends with her. As one day she was leaving Lui mansion, she stumbled into Lou Oi's secrets and Lou Oi kidnapped her, strangled her, tied and threw her into the river. 

When Siu Lung returns with Jiu Muk, he was greeted by an angry Jiu Poon who marched up to Jiu Muk, who was stunned to see him. Jiu Poon told him he was now Ying Jing and will be the King of Chun state and before Jiu Muk could say anything, Jiu Poon took his sword and stab Jiu Muk to death. Siu Lung did nothing.

Siu Lung charged directly into the Lui mansion to condemn the person responsible. Lou Oi uses this opportunity to try to kill him.

Siu Lung remembers the episodes on how he met and shared hardships with Jiu Sin. His sadness started coming out from his heart.

After interrogating the wagon driver, Siu Lung believes that Jiu Sin's 'accident' occurred in the Lui mansion. He goes to the Chun king to beg him to release an edict, allowing him to search the Lui mansion. Bat Wai was vehemently opposed to it. Siu Lung then uses the rewards the king promised him in exchange for the edict and the king reluctantly agrees.

In the flower garden, Siu Lung finds Jiu Sin's broken cloths and the white rabbit given by Neung Yung to her. He investigates a bit more and discovers that there are eight people who didn't have an alibi for the time during the murder. Within the group were Lou Oi and Neung Yung. 

Lou Oi hears that Siu Lung was going to search every room for evidence and feels uneasy. He suddenly discovers the concentric knot left by Jiu Sin and hatched a plan that successfully saved him from blame. 

Siu Lung declines the offer to be in charge of the palace bodyguards and Ju Gei takes advantage of this to suggest Loi Oi for the job. She asks the king to accompany her to Mount Lai's Jam Wan spring, causing him to feel awkward. He suggests that Ying Jing go with her instead, falling for her trap.

Lou Oi and Ju Gei go to Jam Wan spring, hand in hand. In the spring, she even made advances toward Lou Oi. The Chun king finds out about this and angrily goes to catch the adulterers. He instead finds only Ju Gei in the spring and was perplexed. Ju Gei returns to her room in tears and begs the king to kill her. He agrees to let Madame Sau Lai be placed into the 'Cold Palace'. 

Ju Gei scolds Lou Oi for trying to frame Madame Sau Lai behind her back. Lou Oi says he did it for the sake of Ying Jing and the future for her and himself. Her heart started to get warm.

Siu Lung writes on Jiu Sin's tombstone 'the grave of my beloved wife Jiu Sin', realizing Jiu Sin's dream of giving her a title. When he was leaving, he saw Kam Ching appear in front of him. 

The greedy officials and wheat traders collaborate to take more money from the people. For the group of orphans, Sin Yau and Ting Fong work together to take the seal from the official and the keys from the trader while at a prostitute house. Ting Fong accidentally kills the official, and was terrified.
Comment : Siu Lung thought Lui But Wai killed Siu Sin but found Siu Sin's pendant on a carriage and the driver was accused by Lin Jun as the killer. He reasoned the killer must have been seduced by Siu Sin's looks and tried to rape her and she refused and so she was murdered. Siu lung believed that story and became a recluse, refusing to do anything. He blamed himself for Siu Sin's death. Earlier he once asked Siu Sin if she was willing to go back to the modern world with him and she said she will follow him anywhere. He had already made up his mind to marry her and bring her back to year 2001 when he finished his work. But now that she was dead, he gave her the title as his wife. And he met Kam Qing again who thought they married and was disappointed but Siu Lung explained the words on the tombstone of Siu Sin.
When Ju Gei was bathing, a crazy man breaks in. The Chun king sees that this happens and takes up on Lou Oi's suggestion for finding someone to be in charge of the bodyguards. Ju Gei takes advantage of this to suggest Lou Oi. 

Siu Lung, Jau Hin and Kam Ching talk about the future of the Chun state and that Ying Jing will become the Chun king who will control all six states. Yet they feared that after ascending the throne, Ying Jing will become a tyrant so they wish that Kam Ching becomes his 'grand teacher' and use various theories and doctrines to awaken him. Kam Ching agrees to the idea.

Siu Lung and Kam Ching sees a group of fireflies and remembers the scene of them in the Jiu state watching the fireflies there. Their minds were a sway. Siu Lung says that she looks like his lover Chun Ching and that's why he started to have feelings for her. But he didn't want to make her into a substitute for his lover. Kam Ching hears this and feels a bit disappointed.

The Chun king sees Ying Jing's writing and experience had improved, so he decided to make him into the crown prince. Sing Giu and Yeung Chuen Gwan hears this and said that the relationship between Ying Jing and Bat Wai was dubious and demanded for a blood test to determine who was his father. The king and Bat Wai hears the request and their faces change color. 

Ying Jing was very agitated about the business of the blood test. Ju Gei said that the Chun king was his biological father and Ying Jing pretended to release a sigh of relief. 

Siu Lung suggests to the king a way to have a reliable blood test. The results proved that Ying Jing was the true son of the king. Bat Wai was surprised that Ying Jing wasn't his son and stormed into Ju Gei's rooms with a sword. Siu Lung explains the clever effects of the blood mixing and repelling each other and was able to calm down Bat Wai's anger.

The Chun king formally made Ying Jing into the crown prince and bestowed Lei Si and Kam Ching the ranks of Imperial Scribe and Grand Teacher. 

Neung Yung wanted to open a clothing shop to sell the clothes she created. Bat Wai declines to support her in this endeavor, using the reason as it being unfitting for a daughter of the Prime Minister to running around in public.

Siu Lung gives Ying Jing something with the words 'Don't Beg Anyone'. He wanted Ying Jing to learn how to stand on his own and to depend on himself after Siu Lung leaves him. Ying Jing was startled.
Comment : Because Siu Lung was still grieving for Siu Sin's death, Lin Jun uses his absence as his excuse to climb the ladder of power, through Ju Gei who was lusting after him. But Ying Jing could not trust Lin Jun and so Ju Gei's words fell into deaf ears.

The crazy man who entered Ju Gei's room was actually sent by Lou Oi and Ju Gei knew it was Lou Oi's undoing but did nothing.

Ying Jing hears that Siu Lung wanted to leave and actively urged him to stay. Siu Lung points out that Lou Oi has vigorous ambitions and warns Ying Jing to be careful of his power getting too strong. 

Ying Jing proposes to the Chun king to make the post of the leader of the Imperial Court Officers to last only three months. Ju Gei feigns having a nightmare and the fear of being attacked by assassins dressed as palace guards. She fools the king into revoking the limit for the term of office of the leader of the Imperial Court Officers. 

The Chun king compliments Kam Ching for instructing Ying Jing in the right way and Ju Gei proposes that a chastity tablet should be erected for her. Siu Lung hears this and opposed it intensely. Everyone there was startled by his reaction.

Siu Lung persuades Kam Ching to refuse the erecting of an achievement tablet in order to avoid being unable to marry in the future. Kam Ching takes advantage of the events to force him to vindicate himself. She points out that he had already erected a tablet in his heart because of her. Siu Lung had nothing to answer to that.

Jau Hin uses the two stars called the Cow Boy and the Weaving Girl to hint to Siu Lung that he shouldn't be unclear in matters of love. He should dare to love and hate. Siu Lung seemed to be thinking about something.

Siu Lung tells Kam Ching that he is from the future. She angrily says that he had fabricated a lie to refuse her and leaves. Jau Hin listens to Kam Ching tell about what happened and carefully considers Siu Lung's words and actions, along with his prophecies. Jiu Hin also felt that he wasn't lying and decided to do a test.

When Ju Gei and Lou Oi were together, the Chun king suddenly arrives. Lou Oi hurriedly goes to hide. The king was suspicious that Ju Gei was with Bat Wai and Lou Oi decided to let him believe that. 

Ju Gei invites Bat Wai to her rooms and pretended to need his comfort. At this time, the king suddenly barged into the room and Bat Wai's face lost its color. 

Although he managed to explain why he was there, the king still was suspicious and opposed his proposal for fixing the mortar water channel. Bat Wai wasn't happy and Ju Gei took advantage of it to provoke his anger at the king. His eyes showed murder.

Bat Wai's 'retreating in order to advance' strategy caused the king to show a bit of guiltiness in his face. Bat Wai then pretended to be grateful to the king for drinking with him. 

When Jau Hin and Kam Ching were asking Siu Lung about his knowledge of astronomy, they were surprised to hear that the king was dangerously sick.
Siu Lung notices that the king's lips and fingernails were black. He knew that the king had suffered from a slow acting poison as well as understood that it was done by Bat Wai.

Ying Jing, along with the group of officials, prayed for the king's luck in the afterlife. Ju Gei sees how Bat Wai is acting and felt digusted. Bat Wai had hugged Ju Gei in front of the dying king, which caused him to die angrily on the spot. 

Siu Lung couldn't bear to see the maids and eunuchs be buried alive with the king. He suggested to Ying Jing to use pottery figurines as a substitute. 

Kam Ching arranges a farewell dinner for Siu Lung. He entrusts her with giving to Ting Fong a letter of apology. She sees that he didn't have a place for her in his heart and feels lost. 

Ying Jing finally ascends the throne as the Chun king. Siu Lung feels a bunch of contradicting emotions but takes the communications device to the top of a mountain to chase after a signal. He suddenly loses control and hits the device. Siu Lung urges Tang Yik and the others to look through the book (the one taken from the Jiu state) and see if there was any mention of electricity or scarce sulfuric acid. They find nothing.

Bat Wai prepares a list of people for various posts. He promotes his own people while shunning the people under Yeung Chuen Gwan. Ying Jing felt snubbed.

Bat Wai runs into Lou Oi while in the Chun palace. The two have an argument.

Siu Lung asked for Kam Ching's help but she and Jau Hin didn't comprehend what Siu Lung was saying about the principle of creating electricity. He loses heart but Kam Ching helps him look through data nonstop to search for the method of changing sulfur into sulfuric acid. Jau Hin sees her searching and asks if she had thought of keeping Siu Lung in the past. Kam Ching feels confused.

Ying Jing was resentful that Bat Wai had scolded him. Bat Wei gets very angry and Ju Gei hurriedly calms them both down. He takes advantage of this to ask Ying Jing to bestow him the title of Father. Ying Jing was forced to compromise and to kneel down in front of him.

Siu Lung sees that Kam Ching was only absorbed in painting and didn't help him look for sulfur. He unhappily leaves and Kam Ching takes an umbrella to go after him. Siu Lung's anger suddenly disappeared. At that time, a lightning bolt struck a tree. Kam Ching thought of using the lightning as a power source. Siu Lung hears about this and was very happy.
Kam Ching explains how to utilize lightning's weak points and Siu Lung loses heart. He scolds her for not doing her best to help him and she feels wronged.

Siu Lung decides to create a copper wire so he could test the method of suppressing lightning. Kam Ching overhears Tang Yik telling Ging Jun to release a coloful sparrow and realized that forcing Siu Lung to remain would only cause him to live his life in pain. She decides to test the method of changing sulfur to sulfuric acid.

Ying Jing was encouraged by Lei Si and was filled with ideas for change. He first suggests uniting the country with one spoken and written language, along with a common unit for weights and measures but gets hit by cold water by Bat Wai. He gets very angry and leaves the palace to play, taking with him the eunuch Jiu Gou. On the way, he bickers with Neung Yung.

Neung Yung had discovered that the clothing shop had changed the clothes she had designed and sold them to Ying Jing. She went to see the owner of the shop ask for an explanation. The owner said that no one had asked for her designs. Ying Jing seeing this, goes up and introduces himself as Dai Wong(King). He then says Neung Yung's designs had a lot of character and was willing to work with her to open a shop of their own. Neung Yung was very happy to hear this. 

Ging Jun knows that Neung Yung was acting like old friends with Dai Wong and starts to feel jealous. Siu Lung suggest to him that they all go help with the shop. They all discover that Dai Wong was Ying Jing and was very surprised. Ying Jing knows that Ging Jun likes Neung Yung and wanted to fight for her fairly. 

Bat Wai finds out that Ying Jing and Neung Yung were working to open a shop together and was afraid that they would do something incestuous. He tells Neung Yung to stop seeing Ying Jing. She was angry that he had lied to her and stopped seeing him. Ying Jing felt disappointed.

Bat Wai presses Ying Jing to hurry up and get married. Ying Jing asks Ju Gei for help. She tells him to listen to his words, stating that she didn't want to get on his bad side at this time. Ying Jing was extremely angry.

Siu Lung's test on electricity fails and he feels disappointed. He didn't notice anything when Ying Jing says that he didn't want to be king. Ying Jing strengthens his resolve and disappears. Siu Lung is startled at this turn of events.
Siu Lung and Lou Oi separate into two groups and search for Ying Jing everywhere. Kam Ching says that he has an interest in Ba Shu and the great wall (not the one you're thinking about). She suggests they search for him in the west and northern directions.

After helping a girl who was selling herself to help pay for her father's funeral in the marketplace, Ying Jing was discovered by Siu Lung and Kam Ching. Later he uses the excuse of a stomachache to escape and Siu Lung is very angry. Siu Lung allowed Ying Jing to escape again when he went to save Kam Ching, who had slipped and fell down the mountain slope.

Ying Jing had been knocked unconscious by someone and his money stolen. When he woke up, he had no choice but to steal a bun to eat and was taken to a government office. Ying Jing called himself the king in front of the officials there and was beaten cruelly. He was later taken to the great wall as a laborer.

Siu Lung and Kam Ching go to the laborplace where Ying Jing worked to search for him, but they didn't not meet up with each other. Ying Jing had suffered a lot of hardships and was feeling very hopeless when he hears that the official in charge was going to visit the place. He screams at the top of his lungs that he was the king and was beaten to nearly unconsciousness, his body left with the other dead laborers. Ying Jing looks at the dead bodies and realized how pitiful you are when you don't have any power or strength. He understood then that he should cherish the power he holds now.

The birthday of the previous king was coming in three days. Bat Wai was worried that if Ying Jing didn't appear soon to read the words for the ceremony, Sing Giu will end up taking his place .

Ying Jing arrives at the Chun palace but was refused entry and was beaten. At this time, Jiu Gou was being convicted and sentenced to be executed. He was surprised to see Ying Jing outside of the palace and the two held each other, in tears.

Yeung Chuen Gwan was the first to discover that Ying Jing hadn't appeared and asked Sing Giu to take his place.

After returning to the palace, Ying Jing completely changed his attitude. He agrees to be married and tells Siu Lung to cherish the people he has with him. Yeung Chuen Gwan uses his life to persuade him not to marry because his father had died so soon and marriage during this time was considered unlucky. Ying Jing felt that his authority was being questioned and angrily sentenced Yeung Chuen Gwan to death. Siu Lung sees that Ying Jing was so cruel and feels very disappointed.

Kam Ching was testing when something exploded. Siu Lung was terrified to see that Kam Ching had fainted.

Kam Ching wakes up and looks around. Siu Lung couldn't help but to hold her in his arms. Later he scolds himself for doing such a thing when he was planning on leaving this time. Tang Yik sees him in this state and thought that he was worried about not being able to return to the future.

Kam Ching discovers in the 'Golden Stone Lost Collection' about sulfur and Dam Fan. She was happily thinking about making sulfur for Siu Lung when Jau Hin persuades her that her love might make Siu Lung stay here. Kam Ching smiles sadly and says that she should respect Siu Lung's decision.

After getting directions from the person who sells the Dam Fan powder, Kam Ching decides to go personally up the mountain to pick up some of the Dam Fan herself. She also took this opportunity to think carefully about her relationship with Siu Lung.

Jau Hin sighs in resignation and Siu Lung feels rueful after finding out about what Kam Ching was doing. He was not really listening to what Ying Jing and Lei Si were discussing. Ying Jing was suggesting about promoting Lei Si to the rank of 'grand historian' but was afraid of Bat Wai interfering with his plans. Siu Lung proposes on winning over Lou Oi so Ju Gei will also help him in his cause.

Ying Jing successfully convinced Lou Oi to persuade Ju Gei to go to the Imperial court and listen in to state affairs. Ying Jing also bestows to him a golden plate that allows the holder to escape death by any official.

When Ying Jing and Ju Gei worked together, they were successful in promoting Lei Si to 'grand historian' and Bat Wai was very angry. He hurriedly discussed countermoves to this development.

Neung Yung knows that Bat Wai was dealing with Siu Lung and was worried that it would affect her relationship with Ging Jun. She sees that he was helping Siu Lung and angrily sent him away from her.

Ying Jing and Ju Gei, echoing each other, had successfully adopted the seal tax proposal and denied Bat Wai's proposal for fixing the large canal. They were very happy about doing that.

Bat Wai asks Ju Gei about why she was working with Ying Jing to fight him. Ju Gei answers that Ying Jing wasn't his true child. Bat Wai realizes the truth and maniacally held Ju Gei's head. Luckily Lou Oi appears in time.

As Bat Wai thought about what happened, the more angrier he became. He swears an oath that Ying Jing will never be able to hold the throne as long as he lives. He secretly goes to see Sing Giu and agrees to aid him in getting the throne back for him.

Lou Oi sees them meeting together and thought up a plan. Ju Gei was afraid that Bat Wai will harm Ying Jing and wanted to warn him. Lou Oi stops her and says that they can take advantage of this to get rid of Bat Wai.

Sin Yau is alarmed to hear her 'master' tell her to kill Siu Lung and Ying Jing and was frozen on the spot. Ting Fong discovers that Sin Yau seemed to be worried about something. She overhears her talking to a deaf uncle about killing Siu Lung and was very surprised.

The tomb for the previous king was completed and ten days later would be the ceremonial closing of the tomb. Siu Lung hears that Bat Wai was sick and would not be able to attend. He feels that something was not right.

Lou Oi asks Siu Lung to meet with him. He tells Siu Lung about Sing Giu secretly returning to Ham Yeung to meet with Bat Wai as well as Bat Wai finding out that Ying Jing wasn't his real son. Siu Lung deduced that Bat Wai wanted to make Sing Giu into a puppet king.

Ting Fong follows Sin Yau and sees her setting up a trap in the forest. She saw that the person heading towards the trap had a very similar body shape to Siu Lung and yells out a warning. She later finds out that she had made a mistake.

Ying Jing was praying to Heaven inside the tomb when Sing Giu arrived with a group of people to kill him. Lou Oi and the palace guards appeared to capture Sing Giu. When Ying Jing came out of the tomb, three assassins jumped out from a stone coffin and attacked Siu Lung. Lou Oi uses the reason of protecting Ying Jing and leaves the scene.

Siu Lung, alone was fighting three people and was in a dangerous position. In the end, he was stabbed in the abdomen and fainted on the ground. Sin Yau enters the tomb and is terrified to see that Siu Lung was surround by a pool of blood. She works with Ting Fong to kill the assassins.

Siu Lung was unconscious and the two women could do nothing about it. Ting Fong was blaming herself for her carelessness that caused Siu Lung to be injured.

Tang Yik and the others were very worried about Siu Lung when they see the family servants carrying an unconscious Siu Lung back. Kam Ching arrives to see Siu Lung in a dangerous condition and holds him while crying pitifully. She starts telling him how she was feeling and Siu Lung suddenly reacts to her words.

Ying Jing says that Lou Oi has done great service in protecting him. He bestows Lou Oi the rank of Cheung Sun Hau. Ying Jing also interrogates Sing Giu to reveal who was behind the rebellion. Sing Giu was unsure as to what to say. Bat Wai hints that his wife and children were in his hands and Sing Giu feels very chaotic.

Sing Giu, to protect the lives of his wife and children, took the blame for the rebellion and Bat Wai secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Ying Jing angrily sentences him to death.

Sing Giu begs Bat Wai to spare his family and he covertly sends people to kill them all. 

Siu Lung, in a clueless state, separately sees Jiu Sin, Ting Fong and Sin Yau appear by his side but they seemed far away. 

Sin Yau and Ting Fong secretly come to see him and leave, albeit unwillingly. An organization sends assassins to kill Sin Yau but she manages to escape them.

Kam Ching takes care of Siu Lung and vows to willingly sacrifice everything in order for him to be happy. He suddenly awakens and she sheds joyful tears. He gives the necklace that Chun Ching had returned to Kam Ching. Siu Lung says that during the moment between life and death, he was only thinking about her. Kam Ching was touched by his words.

Tang Yik persuades Neung Yung that she shouldn't be seeing Ging Jun after Bat Wai had sent assassins to kill Siu Lung. Ging Jun's reaction to this was aggravated. 

Ying Jing wanted to kill every member of Sing Giu's family. Siu Lung, still not fully recovered, persuades him otherwise. Ying Jing uses the reasons of getting rid of his enemies and anyone who betrays him will die to refuse his proposal. Siu Lung is disappointed.

Ying Jing asks Lei Si to record Siu Lung's achievements in the history books. Siu Lung is worried that he would evaporate from the ancient world and would fail to appreciate every moment he had spent with Kam Ching. 

Tang Yik, mysteriously, drags Siu Lung up a mountain and tells him to take out his 'communications device' to [recharge] it. Actually, Tang Yik had been testing the method of capturing the electricity from lightning. He had succeeded in reducing the power of the lightning enough to capture it. Siu Lung was touched by his work but was also hesitant. Kam Ching persuades him not to miss out on a chance to return to the future. Siu Lung enters the time tunnel, his heart doing battle with himself.

Bat Wai was compiling the Lui Si Chun Chau and spread the word that if anyone can change one character within its texts, he would award that person with one thousand pieces of gold. He also used this opportunity to spread his idea that the king was unprincipled and that they should find another king that was more 'talented'. Lei Si was very worried.

Siu Lung and Ying Jing discover that his reflection in the mirror was disappearing. They were very surprised at this.
Ying Jing points out that the reflection in the mirror that disappears is a bad sign. At this time, Lei Si arrives with a report. Bat Wai and his group were brewing opposition to choose another skilled leader. Siu Lung's state of mind was in confusion.

He remembers the words of Professor Wu and realizes if Ying Jing is unable to protect his status as king, history will be changed. The two would obviously disappear when that happens so they hurriedly think up a countermove to the Lui Si Chun Chau.

A meteorite fell from the sky. The officials were wary of this 'flying rock from another heaven'. Bat Wai points out that the meteorite might be hinting that a king of a country had lost the trust of the people and should retire for someone more skilled to rule. The officials were surprised. Siu Lung instead thinks that the rock has some other secret to tell. He points out that the words 'the person with the most importance has orders from Heaven' is inscribed on the rock. That means that Ying Jing is the true son of Heaven, which made Bat Wai very angry.

The Jiu state sent Lei Muk to lead the troops to invade the Chun state. Ying Jing decides to send Siu Lung as the lead general to battle with them, using this as an excuse to take back the military control that was being held by Bat Wai. Yet Bat Wai and Lou Oi both were taking advantage of this chance to suggest people for the job as well. Ying Jing had no choice but to let Wong Jin, Lou Oi and Siu Lung compete with each other. The winner will receive the seal for leading the troops.

Kam Ching was afraid that Siu Lung would follow the same fate her husband suffered when he left to fight. (He died while in battle.) Siu Lung comforts her, saying that he'll let Lou Oi win and that he'll take her to Italy and Venice for a vacation. That brought a smile to Kam Ching's face.

On the day of the competition, Lou Oi wakes up to discover his body felt weak and realized that Ju Gei had secretly made him take medicine so he wouldn't be able to go out to fight. He was very angry about it.

Ying Jing, using the reason of protecting his status as king, wanted Siu Lung to win the general's seal. Siu Lung knew that Wong Jin's skills on the horse was excellent and devised a plan to win the competition. Bat Wai was in a rage.

Siu Lung suggests to Ying Jing to make Wong Jin his second in command. Wong Jin was grateful.

Kam Ching finds out that Siu Lung had won the competition and was very sad. She remembers the day of her wedding and the scenes when her husband left to never return. Her tears continue to fall when she made up her mind in her heart.
Siu Lung sees Kam Ching and Jau Hin wanted to leave the Chun state. He excitedly takes her to the place where they had once made promises to each other. Siu Lung and Kam Ching made a pledge of husband and wife there on the spot which moved her.

Sin Yau and Ting Fong disguised themselves as husband and wife. They were cautious throughout the journey but due to Ting Fong being overly nervous, they attracted the attention of the assassins.

The two women met a dancing troop at a crossing. They used the excuse of heading to the Chai state to visit their sickly son to beg Fung Je (leader of the dancing troop) to allow them to travel with the dancers on the boat. Fung Je agrees.

The lead dancer, Fung Fei, married someone and left without leaving a word. Fung Je was worried about finding a dancer to perform at the Chai king's birthday celebration.

The assassins managed to get on the boat to wait for a chance to kill Sin Yau. Luckily, the sharp-witted Sin Yau manages to kill them first.

Fung Je accidentally discovers that Ting Fong looks a lot like Fung Fei. She decides to let Ting Fong disguise herself as Fung Fei to perform for the Chai king.

Siu Lung stopped the troops at the border between the Chun and Ngai states. He felt uneasy about fighting with Lei Muk.

Bat Wai uses the excuse of the mass uprising in an eastern province to suggest that Ying Jing should order Wong Jin to first go to On Yap and crush the rebellion. Then he can head to Jui city and meet up with Siu Lung. Ying Jing sees that Lou Oi supports this move and agrees, reluctantly, with the idea.

Lei Muk asks for a meeting with Siu Lung in a place outside of the city. Siu Lung returns the Fei Hung Sword and the two started drinking. They agree that from now on, the two will no longer treat each other with kindness and friendship.

Siu Lung was worried that Wong Jin's troops wouldn't arrive in time to help him when a groop of people asked to see him and said they were willing to help him protect the city. He was very happy.

What he didn't expect was when the two armies were fighting, that group of people suddenly changed sides and opened the gates to the city. Siu Lung realized then that he had fallen for a trap.

Siu Lung and Tang Yik took the Chun armies to battle but were retreating as well. Siu Lung orders Tang Yik to take the troops and leave first while he'll keep them from catching up. Lei Muk orders Siu Lung to be captured alive. The canyon's loose rocks started falling and Siu Lung's life or death was unknown.

Ying Jing sees his hazy reflection in the mirror and was very scared. He then hears that the Jui city had fallen and just sits on the ground.

Kam Ching holds the necklace that Siu Lung had given her and prayed that he will be safe.

Sin Yau and Ting Fong were shopping around at the upper bank in the Ngai state's borders. A pity they didn't meet with Siu Lung, disguised as a peasant.

He sneaks into the Ngai camp and was startled to hear Sun Ling Gwan and Lung Yeung Gwan talking. He finds out that Sun Ling Gwan came there to capture him. To save the Chun troops, he reveals his identity and escapes in a hurry.

Luckily, Siu Lung was saved by Lung Yeung Gwan and the two had a happy reunion. At this time, Sun Ling Gwan arrives with his men to search and takes out the golden plate bestowed by the Ngai king. Lung Yeung Gwan had no choice but to let him search. 

Kam Ching holds a group of lucky stars as she stares off into the distance. She prays that Siu Lung can return safely to her. Ging Jun and Neung Yung see her like this and sigh in their hearts.

Sin Yau and Ting Fong see someone floating in the river and hurriedly drag him onto the bank. They were surprised to see that it was Siu Lung.

Siu Lung wakes up to see Ting Fong and was very surprised and happy. But Ting Fong says her name is Fung Fei. Siu Lung was confused and had a headache.

Ying Jing acted wilfully when he wanted to increase the pay to the soldiers. Bat Wai was not pleased and purposefully teased Ying Jing that he will soon have a petty younger brother. 

Ying Jing was angry when he arrived at Dai Jeng Palace and was adamant that the Royal Physician check Ju Gei. The physician was uneasy as he pointed out that Ju Gei was pregnant. Ying Jing smiled instead of getting angry and Ju Gei knew that something was wrong. 

Ying Jing wanted Lou Oi to escort Bat Wai to inspect the Great Wall and to find a chance to assassinate him. 

When Ying Jing was forcing Ju Gei to drink the abortion medicine, Jiu Gou suddenly reported that Lou Oi had failed in his mission. Ying Jing's whole body shook. 

Afraid that he would anger Bat Wai more, Ying Jing allowed him to punish Lou Oi the way he saw fit. At this moment, Ju Gei arrived to beg for Lou Oi's life to be spared. This caused Bat Wai's jealously to grow. 

Ju Gei was about to commit suicide when she heard the voice of a maid and went outside to see what was happening. She saw Lou Oi, his body covered in blood, resting on a bed. He was alone on it and seemed to be in thought. At last, ignoring the pain, he gets up from the bed and slowly crawls up to the banister of the mansion.
Ju Gei goes up the banister and is terrified to see Lou Oi jumping off to commit suicide. She reveals that she was pregnant and he is very happy.

Ying Jing again tries to make Ju Gei drink some medicine to abort the unborn child. Lou Oi uses the secret of Ying Jing's true identity to blackmail him into protecting the safety of the three. 

Ting Fong felt uneasy and made many mistakes while dancing. Siu Lung sees this and teaches her a Spanish dance, causing their relationship to improve.

The prime minster of the Chai state, Tin Dan, arrives to meet with the boat and wanted to go on it to take a look around. Siu Lung felt that something was wrong with the situation. He sees Tin Dan try to take advantage of Ting Fong and was very jealous.

Ting Fong stands on top of the bass drum and dances to [Carmen]. The Chai king complements her on her dancing. At this moment, someone inside the bass drum took out a sharp sword and tried to assassinate the king. Siu Lung suddenly appears to fight with the assassin. But the sword had scratched over Ting Fong's arm and she faints from the poison it contained.

Ting Fong understood that she wasn't going to live very long and tells Siu Lung of her feelings for him. Siu Lung only says that he will marry her when she is well again.

Siu Lung guessed that the whole assassination attempt was by Tin Dan. He visited the Tin mansion at night with Sin Yau. She discovers that her master and Tin Dan were working together. Siu Lung reveals that her master was actually Chou Chau Dou. 

Chau Dou holds Sin Yau hostage. She suggests using the manuscript from the Gam Ji Ling in exchange for her life and the antidote. Chau Dou laughs at her, saying that she was willing to betray him for Siu Lung and now was willing to help another be his wife. Siu Lung hears this and was surprised, but moved.

Lung Yeung Gwan was worried that after getting the manuscript, Chau Dou would trick them. He takes out his sword and gives it to Siu Lung, who was grateful. Chau Dou gets tha manuscript and did go back on his word. Siu Lung gets angry.

Ju Gei was making clothes for her soon-to-be born son when she suddenly sees Lou Oi and Ying Jing arrive. She thought it was strange that Ying Jing was acting so friendly towards them. 

Lou Oi had found someone that looked very much like Ying Jing and was secretly planning on getting rid of him and becoming the Chun king.
Comment : Chau Dou was a hypocrite. On the outside, he was like a noble swordsman but secretly he was running an assassin centre, and Sin Yau was one of them until she betrayed him for Siu Lung. Chau Dou laughed at her, saying she was willing to die for this man and yet she would get nothing since she was using her life in exchange of antidote for Ting Fong's poisoned body. Sin Yau rightly answered that it was true friendship as well as honour that made her do so, qualities Chau Dou would never know. At last, because of his own carelessness and because of sheer luck, Siu Lung killed Chau Dou.

Ying Jing wanted to kill the baby in Chu Gei's womb but was stopped by Lou Oi who threatened to reveal his real past (Jiu Poon) to the world. Since Lou Oi was now truly a useless man, he had nothing to lose and he said he only wanted to live happily with his most loved woman and his only child, though secretly he was planning to usurp Ying Jing's throne, to secure his own as well as his child's safety.

Ying Jing's ambition is growing and plans to unify all six states within ten years. 

Ju Gei has a premature birth. Ying Jing takes away the baby, which had just left it's mother's body. He immediately starts to strangle it. Jiu Gou, who was nearby, couldn't bear to witness this.

Ju Gei arrives to beseech Ying Jing to spare the child's life. Ying Jing then places the baby in front of Ju Gei and Lou Oi. Seeing that her son was dead, she started to cry. Lou Oi angrily takes him hostage and returns back to Dai Jeng Gung. Lou Oi then tries to kill Ying Jing. Jiu Gou tries to protect him and the two then jumps off a cliff.

While on the way back to the Chun state, Siu Lung felt uneasy. When he walked in front of a metal mirror, he was surprised to see his reflection was very blurry. 

Lou Oi hands over to Ju Gei their real son and she was very happy. He had already known what Ying Jing was planning to do and had switched the baby beforehand.

Bat Wai hears that Ying Jing had escorted Ju Gei back to Dai Jeng Gung but had not returned from there. He goes over to Dai Jeng Gung to see for himself. Bat Wai sees that Ying Jing and Ju Gei's relationship had improved for the better. What made him angry was that Ying Jing was treating him like he wanted Bai Wai to leave.

Lou Oi finds the bodies of Ying Jing and Jiu Gou, along with the imperial seal. He was very pleased with this development.

The fake Ying Jing wanted to reward Lou Oi with three thousand food citystates. Bat Wai objects but is very angry when his objections are of no use.

Siu Lung gives the Gam Ji Ling to Sin Yau and tells her to be the next leader of the Mak Ji clan.

Kam Ching finds out that Siu Lung had safely returned and practically flies over to meet with him. She is surprised to see that Siu Lung and Ting Fong were acting very close with one another. 

Siu Lung looks at the two women and feels very confused. Kam Ching has a friendly talk with Ting Fong, which caused the jealousy in Ting Fong's heart to disappear. Siu Lung then tries to talk with the two but fails to grasp the main points which caused him much vexing. He also wonders why the two women weren't acting or making any jealous gestures. 

Siu Lung is called into the palace by the king. When he was changing, he was surprised to see Ying Jing concealed in the room. He tells Siu Lung about Lou Oi's attempt to kill him and that the person in the palace is a fake king. Ying Jing adds that Siu Lung shouldn't go into the palace. 

At this moment, Ging Jun arrives to report that Kam Ching had been imprisoned by the king. Siu Lung was very surprised and his face lost it's color.
Comment : Lou Oi actually kidnapped a pregnant woman and hid her in the basement/cellar, hoping to swicth the woman's baby with his when the time comes. But when Chu Gei had a premature birth, cruelly he killed the pregnant woman and took the baby from her womb as his. As expected, Ying Jing smothered the baby to death and threw the body onto the ground.

Ying Jing was saved by fishermen. He told Siu Lung that to hide the fact that he was still alive from Lou Oi, he repayed the kindness of the two fishermen by killing them and I assume dressing them in his clothes. In fact, he left the royal seal in one of the bodies, for authenticity and he went back to hide in Siu Lung's house, awaiting his return. Though Siu Lung disagreed with his cruelty, he knew Ying Jing had no choice.

Siu Lung knows the fake Ying Jing is using Kam Ching to deal with him and hurriedly thinks of a countermeasure. 

The fake Ying Jing uses the falling of Jui city to denounce Siu Lung as being the cause of it. During this time, Bat Wai brings troops to capture him and says that he had conspired with Lei Muk. Siu Lung changes his mind about something and doesn't deny the charges. Bat Wai was very happy as he took Siu Lung away.

Ting Fong and the others find out that Siu Lung had been taken to the Imperial prison and their faces lose color with fright. Ting Fong suggests that they ask Sin Yau to help them free Siu Lung from the prison. Jau Hin says that it won't work. Ging Jun later goes to see Neung Yung for help. His understanding of what is right causes Neung Yung to feel very confused and unsure about who to help. 

Within the Imperial prison, Siu Lung tells Bat Wai about the fake Ying Jing and analyzed the advantages and disadvantages. He suggests that he can help Bat Wai kill the fake Ying Jing. Bat Wai doesn't completely trust his words.

During the middle of the night, Bat Wai visits the fake Ying Jing. He does discover for himself that Siu Lung was telling the truth. While returning home, Bat Wai sees Neung Yung take the seal for the prison. He decides to let her go help Siu Lung.

Lou Oi finds out that Siu Lung had escaped from the Imperial prison and is angry. Siu Lung suddenly appears and says that Bat Wai will attempt to assassinate the king while he is on route to Yung Dou for a ceremony. He adds that if Lou Oi were to return Kam Ching to him, then the king would safely arrive in Yung Dou.

Ting Fong is surprised to discover that Cheung Sun Hau was Lou Oi. Her face changed expression and she decided something in her heart.

Bat Wai successfully kills the fake Ying Jing. When Siu Lung was secretly handing over the real Ying Jing to Lou Oi, Ting Fong suddenly appears to try to kill him. Lou Oi had already known what Siu Lung was planning and took Ting Fong hostage. To save her, Siu Lung told Tang Yik and Ging Jun to escort Ying Jing to Yung Dou. Ying Jing wasn't pleased.

Siu Lung is surprised to find out that Ting Fong had been raped and the truth about Lou Oi killing Jiu Sin. He was both angry and sad at the same time.

Bat Wai proclaims that Ying Jing had been assassinated. When the officials suggested that Bat Wai succeed the throne, Ying Jing suddenly appears. He reveals Bat Wai's scheme for usurping the throne but Bai Wai denies it. He insteads tells Wong Jin to capture Ying Jing.
Comment : Actually, the fake Ying Jing was about to declare that Siu Lung be punished for the failure to secure a victory over the Jiu state's Lei Muk when Lui But Wai barged in and declared Siu Lung a traitor and therefore imprisoned him. But in the prison Siu Lung was able to convince Lui But Wai of the truth and planned an ingenious plan to destroy two of Ying Jing's most feared enemies; he agreeed to help deliver the fake Ying Jing to Lou Oi and escort him to the crowning session whilst he promised  Lui But Wai to kill the fake Ying Jing, so that Lui But Wai could declare that Ying Jing is dead, and he could become King. Lui But Wai thought Lou Oi successfully killed Ying Jing. In actual fact, Lui But Wai killed the face Ying Jing whilst Siu Lung delivered the real Ying Jing to Lou Oi. However along the way, Lou Oi came under attack by Ting Fong and Sin Yau who was seeking revenge for her rape, when she realised Lou Oi was Lin Jun. Lou Oi realised that the supposedly fake Ying Jing was the real Ying Jing when Ying Jing utterrd Ting Fong's name upon seeing her. Ying Jing was almost killed but he pushed Ting Fong towards Lou Oi's direction, then Siu Lung and gang arrived. Lou Oi kidnapped Ting Fong and ran away. Ying Jing ordered Siu Lung to escort him to the crowning ceremony, but Kam Qing begged Siu Lung to save Ting Fong first. Disobeying orders, Siu Lung ran after Ting Fong and asked his two sworn brothers to escort Ying Jing. Obviously Ying Jing felt betrayed. Near the waterfall, Kam Qing was willing to become the hostage and then Ting Fong didn't want to be anybody's burden anymore pushed the knife held by Lou Oi to her throat. Lou Oi was stunned and remembered the time when Ting Fong refused to let go of hi hands when he fell off the cliff and he suddenly let go and fell into the waterfall. Ting Fong was saved.
Wong Jin instead sides with Ying Jing and Bat Wai is angry, yet afraid. Ying Jing regains the authority and vacillates the group.

Within the Imperial prison, Ying Jing purposely tells Bat Wai his true identity and Bat Wai nearly dies from being so angry. Ying Jing again allows Bat Wai to die by drinking poisoned wine and he dies, albeit unpeacefully. 

Ying Jing wanted to reward Siu Lung but he refuses. Siu Lung sees Ying Jing get dizzy with success and feels his mood become very complicated.

To entice Lou Oi in returning, Ying Jing hangs Lou Oi and Ju Gei's son in the public square within the palace. Ying Jing is unmoved as Ju Gei begs him. Lou Oi appears and Ying Jing cuts the rope holding the baby in front of them. The baby dies as it is dropped to the ground and the two are very saddened. The two commit suicide while Siu Lung tries to save them. He feels angry and sad when he is unable to do so.

Kam Ching is flustered and exasperated as she tells Siu Lung that Ting Fong had left a note before leaving. He hurriedly goes after her. Ting Fong had actually felt that she was no longer 'clean' and not good enough for Siu Lung. She is unmoved as he tries to tell her of his feelings. He then uses sign language to tell her [I Love You] and she is touched by his deep feelings. 

Siu Lung watches the beautiful scenery of the sun setting while holding Ting Fong and Kam Ching. Sin Yau suddenly appears and silently tells Siu Lung that she loves him. Siu Lung was at a loss for words.

Ying Jing tests Siu Lung by offering half of the kingdom and reminds him of their ties of friendship between teacher and student. Siu Lung understood that being in the company of a king was like being with a tiger and wasn't moved by his offer. Ying Jing sees his reaction and decides on an action.

Siu Lung was about to take the two women along with other people away from Ham Yeung and sees that Wong Jin was waiting at the doors to the city with his troops. 

They do successfully arrive at the Wu family fort but they are confronted with the report that Ying Jing had personally taken control of the troops to capture Siu Lung. He orders the group to hide in Jiu Nga's grave while he will try to take Ying Jing down with him. Ting Fong and Kam Ching had guessed at what he was planning and both swear that they will live and die with him...
Comment : Technically, Lou Oi didn't commit suicide. Siu Lung disagreed and begged Ying Jing to let the baby go when Ying Jing reminded Siu Lung that Siu Sin was killed by Lou Oi and Ting Fong was raped because of Lou Oi. Siu Lung answered all that had nothing to do with the baby but Ying Jing refused to listen.

When Lou Oi went back to the palace, he was insulted by Ying Jing when Lou Oi begged him to please let go of his son. Ying Jing said;

"Your son? A useless handicap and an eunuch like you could have a son?"

Lou Oi rather stupidly answered; "Even an unknown low class nobody could be a Chun King, why can't a eunuch bear a son?"

Because of that one statement, Ying Jing cut the rope and down the baby went. Dead. And before Lou Oi could do anything, a bunch of guards stabbed him with their spears. Ying Jing was smiling but Siu Lung wasn't amused. Chu Gei quickly ran to Lou Oi but at the orders of Ying Jing, she was cruelly tripped by the servants. Knowing that their end was near, Lou Oi pushed the spears deeper into his body and died (well, kinda committed suicide I guess) and Chu Gei took her head pin and stabbed her own throat. Ying Jing laughed and Siu Lung was horrified.

Ying Jing wasn't really testing Siu Lung's loyalty as a servant but he was trying to tempt Siu Lung to stay. But when Siu Lung, for old times sake engaged with Ying Jing in judo and he saw how Ying Jing was determined to win, Siu Lung realised it was time for him to go far far away. He told Ying Jing Jiu Poon was dead and the one before him was Ying Jing, the King of Chun. Ying Jing felt betrayed and was angry. He ordered for Wong Jin to capture Siu Lung and family but Wong Jin because of the code of honour let Siu Lung go. But Siu Lung and gang was trapped in the mausoleum of Jiu Nga when Ying Jing arrived. Siu Lung was hiding behind the wall portrait of Jiu Nga and wanted to blast the place and die together with Ying Jing, though Ting Fong and Kam Qing both begged to die with him. Ying Jing saw the transporter on the floor and knew they were behind the wall. He almost ordered for his men to raid the hidden chamber when he remembered that perhaps his fate and Siu Lung's fate was intertwined as one. One will not exist without the other. He asked Lei Si how could he erase Siu Lung from the memory of the people and Siu Lung was about to light the dynamites when Lei Si answered;

"When Your Majesty becomes the ruler of the united 6 states, burn all the books and kill all who knew of Hon Siu Lung. Within ten years, nobody will remember him."

Ying Jing warned Siu Lung that he never wanted to see Siu Lung ever and thus Siu Lung was able to run away.

10 years later, the 6 states were united, books were burnt and scholars were buried,and thus Hon Siu Lung was erased from the memory of the world. Ying Jing became Shih Huang Ti and Hon Siu Lung in his mind realised he was the cause for the masacre of the scholars by Shih Huang Ti. In the last scene, we see Siu Lung happily with his wives, speaking English, Kam Qing was pregnant whilst Tiing Fong bore Siu Lung a son named Hon Bo Yi. But Hon Bo Yi told his father that he wanted to become a great hero when he grows up and he has thus decided to rename himself Hon Yu. Siu Lung realised Hon Yu would become the Conquerer of the West who will eliminate Chun Dynasty when Ying Jing dies. He chased after his son to change his name as he did not want his son to become involved in politics and early demise.