Let me first state that this page HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH the series itself, except for the historical aspects of it, as well as answers to peculiar questions, images of the real people and real stuff. Some info are extremely dry, not because I didn't write them but because they are very long. But good for knowledge purposes.

As always, I have tried to give an accurate historical accounts of the Warring States Period, on the many school of thoughts, on our man himself, Shih Huang Ti as well as many other related issues that you will encounter in this series. Since this series is partly historical (meaning factual) and partly fictional (as the story is derived from a book of the same name by an author named Wong Yi), it would be interesting to know which were fact and which were pure fiction. I do not claim to have written any materials you see in this site, but I will try to provide the credit when necessary. For more info, do click on the links provided.

Before we began, perhaps we should first examine the title of this series because it is one of those few titles that truly reflects the basis of this interesting story.

CHUM CHUN GEI in Cantonese if literally translated would mean "The Diary Of The Search Of Chun", Chun here would refer to the future Qin Dynasty as in Yingzhing, the future Shih Huang Ti. In fact the whole series, all of Hon Siu Lung's action would revolve around this important character. It would be rather confusing you see, because what has Chun got to do with Qin? Well, Qin is the Mandarin version of Chun which is the Cantonese version of Qin. Same word. To know which character really exists and which did not, do drop by CHARACTER INTROS.

For your info, all names in here are a bit different from the Episode Summaries and Character Intros but they refer to the same people.

As usual, if you see anything missing, wrong, inaccurate or could provide more info, do E-Mail me and I'll gladly add them into the relevant space. In fact if you see any peculiar stuff in the series and knows the answer to that question, do E-Mail me!!