If you see any related links, do E-Mail Funn Lim the links so that she could add them all in here.

-TVB's official page. The episode summaries you see in here were translated from this site. CHINESE.

-A Step Into The Past dicussion forum. Get more spoilers in here, and also links to more promo pictures, screen captures and etc. ENGLISH.

-SPCNET TVB discussion forum, a a direct link to the TVB discussion forum where you'll find the spoilers and episode summaries seen in this site. Look for A Step Into The Past in the titles for more info. You must be a member to view forum messages. ENGLISH.

A fan site by Swordmaster which has similar stuff in my site since we took from the same source, the only difference is arrangement. And the episode summaries are updated faster than mine so do check out this site. The main Reviews site is at http://www.geocities.com/hkentertainment2000/index.htm ENGLISH.

Read the novel which this series is based on online. I was told they're in Simplified Chinese. Anyone who has read the novel is welcomed to write a bit of comparison between the novel and the series, just for curiosity sakes. Send them all to me and I'll be glad to add them in. CHINESE.

Koo workshop, part of E-Buzz has plenty of trailers of the Making Of this series as well as screen captures and more. Take this site by Seagull as a pictures site as well as the sub site of this site of mine which is fill of words! Have a look and download the trailers. They're in MEDIAZONE. And check out the site for this series with reviews, posters and more in DRAMA. ENGLISH.