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10-12-2001- Episode Summaries : 38-40 (last episode) plus comments for each episodes, missing  scenes or additional info all in Episode Summaries.

4-12-2001- Episode Summaries : 36/37

1-12-2001- Episode Summaries : 35

30-11-2001- Episode Summaries : 33/34

27-11-2001- Episode Summaries : 32

25-11-2001- Episode Summaries : 29,30,31

23-11-2001- Episode Summaries : 28, 5 new pictures, one of which reveals the ending in this series.

22-11-2001- Episode Summaries : 27, updated Character Intros on Lui But Wai, Lin Jun, Jiu Sin, Hon Siu Lung, Chu Gei, Jiu Muk and Sin Yau, updated History with thesis on th

21-11-2001- Episode Summaries : 23-26

17-11-2001- Episode Summaries : 21 & 22

15-11-2001- Episode Summaries : 20 & History : More stuff, updated Characters

11-11-2001- Episode Summaries : 18/19


-Episode Summaries : Episode 15 16 17
-Pictures : more promo pictures
-Cast List : Updated

-Character Intros : updated
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-Episode Summaries : Episode 14

7-11-2001-Episode Summaries : Episode 13
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