First of all, I was told this series was based on a Novel about time travel, Hon Siu Lung and the early education of Shih Huang Ti. Very interesting stuff and frankly, as of now this main guy has yet to appear officially in this series so I really can't comment how accurate was TVB when depicting this guy. All I know is they can't show a crying, wailing Shih Huang Ti. That I won't buy. Give me bloodshed! But I could guess Hon Siu Lung will be the man who fight for Shin Huang Ti's new empire and it will be very interesting to note that Hon Siu Lung knows how tyrannical Shih Huang Ti is, and so how much is he willing to help this would be ruthless king?! Interesting stuff but after 6 tapes we are still nowhere to an answer. At this moment it is still ALL ABOUT HON SIU LUNG and his women. Boring stuff if you ask me. However I should change the title up there because it would be inaccurate to scream at TVB for Ying Zhing's early demise and we have a fake Ying Zhing which is something that I am still really, how shall I say? Dissatisfied? Angry? Disappointed? Since the writer must have made it that way, the fault lies in the over active imagination of the author of the book. 

Anyway, I shall leave all my comments in my upcoming review and shall concentrate on history in this page.