We know there were weapons then, and the writings in TVB version is rather accurate don't you think? Hairstyle looked like those on the terracotta warriors. Interesting stuff. Anywway, did you know a farmer found the terracotta warriors? He was walking and looking for the source of water if I am not mistaken and he just fell into this big void under the land and behold, warriors all there! But it is believed Shih Huang Ti's tomb is not there but somewhere else. Where exactly no one knows but rumour has it his tomb was adorned with jewels and all really expensive stuff and everybody who was involved in the construction of that tomb were killed as well. For all I know it could be under the shopping complexes in modern China!

Anyway, this site contains various images on the stuff in this series.

Ok, I guess this is how Shih Huang Ti looked life. All portraits had him as rather big sized, really fierce looking and very tanned, just like Raymond Lam Fung in this series.
Wow, there were arrows back then! Ok, so I was ignorant! Now I know, never too late!
The sample of the writings in Qin Dynasty, this was the standardized one.
Standardized coin during Qin Dynasty. In this series, you'll see something long and something very different but then that was before Shih Huang Ti took over. I have to say this; Chinese I guess were the first to have bankdrafts of cheques. Remember all those series where thousands of dollars and they used a piece of paper as a monetary exchange? That is money but the logo, the chop, the signature all were like traveler's cheques.
I found this is a site about Li Ssu or Lei Si. I guess this was how he looked like.