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To Where He Belongs

Produced by

How Long
40 episodes, 20 tapes

The characters' names are in CHINESE hanyu ping yin as my Cantonese pin ying is really lousy.

Mao Jun - Michael Tao
Albert Gao Hao Wen - Patrick Tam
Gao Hao Yun - Damien Lau
Lei Luo Tian - Li Zi Xiong
Lei Jia Bao - Mai Jia Qi
Lian Shao Jun - Cathy Chow
Gao Xue Rou - Kristy Yeung
You Ying - Chen Wei
Daisy - Hong Xin
Lei Ting - Tian Rui Ni
Mao Hui - Li Zao Ji
Lou Jing Xing - Zeng Jiang
Alex - Li Jun


Actually to speak the truth, I have no intention of watching this serial initially, not to mention writing a REVIEW! Firstly because the tapes for this serial came at a time near my exam period, so I didn't want to waste too much time watching serials, especially when I'm already chasing like 3 serials (Madam White Snake, Yang Heroines and QSSYMM)! Secondly this is an ATV production and YES, Seagull is biased against ATV. hahaha. Then why did I watch it ultimately? You know....Seagull is such a TV manic, and she just can't stand letting the tapes hide in the cupboard, collecting dust. =p. Actually it's because I was very bored during one of the weekend. I was sick so I was too drowsy to study, so I started to watch this serial, and the biggest reason is because I suddenly have the urge to watch KRISTY YEUNG and MICHAEL TAO. That's it! 

Spoilers are sprawled all over the review, DO NOT read the review at all if u do not want me to spoil the serial for u coz I really don't know how to write a review without revealing all the important scenes of the serial. . Please note that any negative comments about the character written is aimed at the character itself and not the artiste playing them!

Li Shao Jun<--->Gao Hao Yun
<--->Lei Jia Bao
This is the first generation, and all the feud started with them. Hao Yun was a writer and he had been dating Shao Jun for a long time. Shao Jun's father despised him and thought that Shao Jun, being such a pretty girl, can easily find a rich husband. Later Hao Yun joined the police force and became a police. Bribery was common back then, and Hao Yun took bribes. The chief police Lei Luo Tian thought very highly of Hao Yun. Once Lei Luo Tian and Hao Yun's friend were
injured and Hao Yun went to the hospital to see them. He met Lei Luo Tian's sister Lei Jia Bao in the lift. Jia Bao liked him immediately. Shao Jun later participated a beauty contest and won. During the day of the competition, Jia Bao asked Hao Yun out to a party, afraid of incurring the wrath of Lei Luo Tian, Hao Yun agreed. They had a good time and was quite drunk and they had sex. So naturally Jia Bao regarded Hao Yun as her boyfriend after this. Her brother knew that she loves Hao Yun a lot, and thinking that Hao Yun was reliable and honest, decided to let Jia Bao marry him. Actually Hao Yun loved Shao Jun, but he was greedy and wanted fame and money took. Hence he asked Shao Jun to go to Malaya for the moment, after sometime, when everything is stable, he would go to Malaya to look for her. Shao Jun was already pregnant at that time, she wanted to told him, but he never gave her the chance. Reluctantly, she went to Malaya. However when she got on the boat, she was told that Hao Yun asked someone to finished her off as she was getting in his way to fame and fortune. Shao Jun was devastated. Hao Yun married Jia Bao and later she gave birth to a baby boy called Albert. Hao Yun was told by the fortune teller that his eldest son would be his jinx and will cause his downfall. Thus he treated Albert very badly, not knowing that his eldest son was actually Miao Jun, given birth by Shao Jun, who survived the ordeal. They also adopted a daughter Xue Rou as Jia Bao became infertile after the birth of Albert.

Years later, Hao Yun found the whereabouts of Shao Jun. It turned out that he didn't asked any one to kill Shao Jun. The one who killed Shao Jun was his good friend and he wanted to kill her because he was in debts that time, and wanted to keep the money Hao Yun asked him to give Shao Jun for himself. Hao Yun tried hard to explain to Shao Jun, and that he still loved her. Just when Shao Jun was about to forgive her, she met with an accident and when she woke up again, she became a bit retarded. Also, Jia Bao had a relapse of cancer and she died after a while. Shao Jun's son Miao Jun thought that Hao Yun was the one who killed his natural father, hence tried to get near him for revenge. Later he caused the downfall of Hao Yun's company but ultimately they reconciled.

Albert <---> Daisy <---> 

Comments on each characters
Gao Hao Yun

Fav scenes
Almost any scene with Albert are my favorite, especially those with him and Daisy. Somehow I just like them. And some scenes of Xue Rou and Miao Jun are nice, but because we know that Miao Jun is only making use of Xue Rou, the scenes are not as romantic and sweet as those with Albert and Daisy.

I also like all the scenes of Albert and Jia Bao. They are quite close, Albert would always lean on her and say, "No I won't argue with him (his dad), I won't make mummy angry, I am a good boy, I am mummy's good son" It's really cute! And you can see that actually he felt really unwanted. It's quite sad also.

The most dynamic scene
Albert was caught for having drugs and assaulting police. When he went home, he had a fierce fight with his dad and his mother fainted. Later at the hospital, they argued again and his dad literally asked him to GO AND DIE. He was very agitated, drove the car away and almost had an accident. Then he started raving at the heaven, pointing and scolding: "WHY?? Are you trying to ruin me? Just when I decided to settle down and work hard, just when I finally achieve something and made the party a success, you had to ruin me like that? Why?! Why!? Why must mum have a relapse!? What? tell me!? What? I can't hear you!" This scene was quite sad and I think it's very dynamic as in it really showed how desperate and despondent Albert was, it was like he had reached his breaking point and was about to go mad. One of the classic scene IMO.

The enjoyable scenes
All the scenes where Gao Hao Yun and Luo Jing Xing met each other are very "enjoyable" and "entertaining". You would be amused and amazed by their fakery! I mean, they HATED each other to the core, can't wait for the other party to die, but they would still laugh and joke and act like great pals whenever they see each other. Listen to the dialogues carefully, it's very funny, and they are very super duper sarcastic! Really entertaining. I supposed that's how businessmen are like? Sometimes it really makes me shiver. That's the extent on how fake and hypocritical humans can get!

The "I Don't Quite Get It" Factor
While later there's a scene where Hao Yun, his mother and Shao Jun were talking about the past. When they were going to get into Hao Yun's car, the whole car exploded, blasting her mother and injuring Shao Jun. The thing is Hao Yun saw his mother being blasted but instead of rushing to his mother the first moment, he ran and hugged Shao Jun first. What's that??!?!?!?! His mother is a zillion times more seriously injured than Shao Jun, but he ran to Shao Jun first!!

Another one was the ending. I think it's a really BAD ending. Bad not because it's sad, it's not a sad ending, BAD as in it's neither here or there and it doesn't tell much, very hanging.....erm I dunno how to to I hate the ending! The thing that baffled me was the earthquake scene. I thought with an earthquake of that magnitude, the building would be collapsed quite badly, especially when they said that the building materials are of low quality. How then would they have such a big space after the collapse? It's like the room didn't collapse at all, they have the full room. Normally if the building collapse, you would be crashed by the concrete ceilings etc, nothing like that here. Not very realistic. Not very possible.

Lastly, didn't the serial started with Gao Hao Yun (Damien) in an asylum, thinking back of the past? How does it tie with the ending?

So did all of them got saved from the collapsed building?
I guess yes. Accept Luo Jing Xing. He wasn't responding when Hao Yun pulled his hand, signaling that someone is here to save them. So I assume he's dead. Anyway he deserve to die, completely ruthless guy who didn't even care about his daughter.

The gross factor
Michael's hair!!! He looks like some sick person with that white hair you know, especially when he's so fair. Not cool to me. In fact, rather irritating.

The most Hateful character
Well....I would like to say Hao Yun, since everything started because of him and for the lousy way he treated Albert just because a fortune teller said he's a jinx, but somehow he's not that hateful as afterall he did love both woman and he repented.

I would like to  say Miao Jun because he said he would not dump the woman he love for money and he blamed Hao Yun for doing that to his mother, but actually he's as selfish as his dad. Maybe it's in the GENES. hahaha. And he got evil later, especially the way where he pushed Fei Fei to slept with that fat Bank Manager just to attain his goals. Comeon Fei Fei is his sworn sister, how could he! And he didn't really seem remorseful after that.

But anyway Miao Jun is still not as bad as Luo Jing Xing. This guy is ultimate. He has money, power, frame, so many wives, what else does he want! He's a killer, he hired killers to bomb Hao Yun's car, he asked his daughter not to divorce as this would bring disgrace to the family. He made use of his daughter's love for him to take revenge. Very scheming, and almost callous guy.

Fav Couple
Albert and Daisy. I like seeing them together. 

The Performances rated
The GREAT performance:
Surprisingly I am not going to say Michael is the best in here, because I think he's not the best. I would vote for Patrick and Damien. Patrick is awesome! He dealt with every emotional scenes well. I like his performance.

Damien is very good too. I seldom praise older actors, because I feel that most of them can't act. But Damien is one exception. Very good. I still remember one scene where he cried until all his nose mucus came out, quite gross actually hahaha.

The Ok performance:
Michael is average in here. I don't know why, maybe because I don't like his hair, and his role isn't as good as Patrick's. I think.

The not so good performance:
Kristy is just being Kristy again. You know....a wallpaper. More like Kristy Yeung than being the role of Gao Xue Rou. But ok she did a lot better than in MDWAV, some crying scenes are ok........she really needs improvement you know.

Kathy Chow. Is she Cathy Chow or Kathy Chow? Anyway I never think she can act. And her image her is............ this better than Flaming Brothers?
YES if you ask me. When I watch the first 6 tapes, I was really quite bored and I feel that this serial doesn't stir my emotions at all with all the boring and lousy flashbacks, but if you get past tape 6, you will love this serial. It gets really good. Almost every scene after tape 6 is a classic, especially those with Patrick. I really like it. It's another breakthrough for Patrick here and I think "To Where He Belongs" has a much better storyline than Flaming, not only on kinship, love, and also a lot of scheming involved. Great. this better than another ATV hit "Dream Called Desire"?
Also yes. Dream Called Desire and this serial are both very soppy, but I think Dream is a bit more hmm... how do I say? A bit draggy. Those parts where they just talk about Monica being bullied and stuff is a bit boring later. And I like the cast of To Where He Belongs a zillion times better. 

The moral of this serial?
Actually after watching this serial I came to this conclusion that this serial is trying to tell us that MEN, yes MEN as in the male population, ARE SELFISH! (I mean in this serial lah, so don't get too jumpy males!)


Look at all the male characters! They look like they are really devoted and faithful, but when they have to choose among the woman they love, money, power, revenge, hate, they would choose anything but the woman they love. Then they act as if woman are not understanding enough, forcing them to choose between them and money, or them and revenge?!

First it's Gao Hao Yun. You would hate him because he asked Shao Jun to go to Malaya to wait for him while he happily married Jia Bao. I really think he's despicable. But you can't say he's callous because he does love Shao Jun. And he seems like he does love Jia Bao also, but not as much as he loves Shao Jun. So the verdict is.....he's selfish. And he's in chinese I say "Dou Qin".

Then there's Daisy's daddy Luo Jing Xing. 

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